There has been a lot of good discussion here but it is, obviously, not solving the problem. This is not that surprising as we are in the midst of a massive social and cultural change with the inevitable problem of people who are left behind, people who don’t want to change. and others who want to just take advantage of the situation for personal gain.

Much of the failure to connect is because of the different layers of this reality. These are first and foremost structural problems. Trying to facilitate education in media literacy assumes that you can define media but both economic and cultural problems prevent that. You then need to define literacy but cultural change and diversity prevents that. Intersectionality is an incredibly difficult concept to include in elementary media literacy.

We no longer have a shared value system to reference. Sadly defining either media or literacy requires an agreed value system. If your value system denies scientific proof and objective reality you are going no where. From that position there is no nuance of interpretation but only denial and ignorance. While I can agree to the standard of media literacy as non-partisan it requires a base line of truth that cannot be arbitrary and provably false. It must also assume diversity as valuable, e.g. it can’t be racist or spiritually exclusive. And these are the problems that have been allowed to survive in American and other societies.

In that context media literacy must be taught as a practical morality for dealing with information in vast amounts. The vast amounts are a new thing. Without a working shared ethic everything becomes opinion and fake news.

We are going to spend years developing that workable, shared ethic that is able to support diversity by being independent of everything but science and logic. I know of no other working foundation for this.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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