There are some good points here. This needs to be said as the American media is not designed to provide news but to attract eyeballs to ads. News, then, is really indistinguishable from clickbait for our “journalists”. What works is what matters so the burden is on us to filter as much reality as we can from a contaminated information flow.

While I think I agree with your America First recommendation I do recommend that foreign new sources be required reading. You will, I’ve found, get better reporting on America from Al Jezeera, BBC, The Guardian, People’s Daily, and The Straights Times than from any US media outlet. I do watch the NY Times and Washington Post as they are the official outlets for the establishment but it is often more informative to see what they don’t cover. And they leave a lot out.

Almost every other media outlet in this country mostly just repeats what both official voices say but only after removing and replacing elements of the big stories for propaganda purposes. It’s pretty depressing.

I’m not really in agreement on lumping retweeting as pointless ‘social signaling’. While I don’t have much to say for simple retweeting I do a fair amount of curating of articles and, occasionally tweets. I’ve always considered this a good way to keep up my reading whether or not anyone pays attention to what I post. This is a form of journalism for everyone. If you are paying attention and looking for information it is good to have a forum to pass it on. Other people may not see the things you do. Dealing with massive information is a very large social responsibility and everyone not only can but must help.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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