The usual problems show up here. The entire political system is crumbling into chaos by failing to understand how things have and are changing. Nancy Pelosi is third in line if COVID-19 takes out Trump and Pence.

The Democratic Party has enabled the collapse of the nation and the Republican Party into neofacist and authoritarianism. She and the senior members of the Democratic Party look very much like double agents doing the opposite of what they claim. But that is true of the entire system. Maintaining the status quo is the only allowed goal.

That being said, a horror of a mentally ill pseudo-fascist in the White House brutally supported by a criminal elite is is on its way to a planetary disaster. The nation-state system is intellectually bankrupt and capitalist elite that controls those nation-states is dedicated to only their survival.

We are in a battlefield triage situation. Chaos is cultural and maybe even planetary death so we need a transition to begin the massive change that is simply not possible quickly without inviting a that very chaos that we cannot afford at the planetary level.

The US as a lead nation-state of the old paradigm is torn and bleeding. If it bleeds out we have chaos. We need to focus on short term survival and that is removal of the most diseased components in order to get the younger and smarter people who understand what must be done into positions to make critical change.

The only tools left to us are the old Democratic, two faced, leadership, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. They are better than chaos and death but only if the can open the doors and then be moved out of the way. Killing them too soon is suicide in this critical situation.

Yes, this is realpolitik but that is the only option short of a planetary bloodbath that will destroy any hope of surviving the climate disaster of the next several centuries. Push Nancy and push Joe until they are exhausted and can be replaced with real leadership.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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