The US and UK stumble off stage . . .

A two hundred year era of international leadership has ended. Overcome by the structural defects in capitalism and the 18th century version of limited representational government, the founding leaders of the old world order succumbed to neofascist dementia and have stumbled into the orchestra pit. It’s hard to imagine a more ignominious conclusion to a long and successful run.

The damage is still being determined but is so great that it may be years before the orchestra is restored. In a related tragedy the only script for the great capitalist production was found to have been so badly damaged, and apparently covered in graffiti, by the aging and troubled impresarios that the production can now only include excerpts with no music.

True believers are claiming that the show can go on as reading is highly overrated and whatever the great actors said must be repeated whether it makes any sense or not. Sense is also highly overrated. But a growing group of performers, rumored to be a majority of the company, think the whole thing was worn out and a completely new production needs to be developed.

Meanwhile ticket lines have disappeared in New York and London and have appeared in Berlin and Beijing. The mainstream media are struggling to determine what this means and whether or not it is “fake news”. Needless to say the empty seats tell their own tale.

Meanwhile classes in Beijing opera are becoming very popular throughout Africa and Italy has lodged an EU protest over the growth in production of German opera. In North America the denunciation of all art forms except slapstick and golf, which is not even an art form, has been met with boredom and confusion. Sports fans are particularly upset although they aren’t really sure why. And rumors of the creation of league dedicated to team Russian roulette is causing excitement in the Trumpistan regions of the US. There do seem to be problems with maintaining functional teams so new players are being actively recruited in rural areas.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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