The tradition in media, American specifically, was to always maintain the wall between editorial and advertising. All of us that have worked in that know that wall was only a curtain and money was the ultimate editor. That is part of the old paradigm that has now failed completely.

As I noted in a previous response (and thanks to all who have responded) I didn’t really go into how to do this other than it must be formal, official, publicly owned, and transparently. Wikipedia is a working model showing both the ability to work and the problems that will be faced in areas of controversy or knowledge with small populations.

The next excerpt of this topic will go for the technical means of doing this. It can, I’m certain, only be done with AI. But that will require rapid advancement in removal of human bias in any algorithms used. Transparency becomes even more important and much more difficult with ML data sets producing answers to the truthfulness question that are simply beyond the ability of people to process.

I haven’t allowed myself to write directly about his yet, but we are, ironically, entering a new age of faith. But that has, almost, nothing to do with mythology but faith in our AI systems that we have created to manage our complex system and environments that are beyond our unaided means. But unlike previous ages of faith, this will be science, logic, and process management based under the oversight of all people.

Yes, a bit of a jump but possible.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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