The system if broken and cannot be fixed

Starting from the end of your response, the political landscape of the US is disastrously distorted. The Political Compass illustrates that very accurately. In 2016 I suggested that the Democratic Party, i.e. Hilary, is more accurately a conservative party (in the classical sense) while the Republican Party is a criminal organization. And I will stand by that although I recognize that we are dealing with a narrow range on the scale of legality but a slightly wider range on morality. Stated differently the Republican Party is an instigator and the Democratic Party is an accomplice. Normally accomplices don’t carry the legal burden of instigators. The Democratic Party would be an instigator, also, if it had some organization.

If the real question, given your response to my statements on obligations to be part of the political process in a healthy, democratic entity, is the reason for not voting, that is obviously that there is no real choice so why vote? That is why I think we are wasting time even considering what are intellectually bankrupt systems.

It seems to me from what I have seen in years of national surveys, that what people are most concerned about are opportunity, economic security, health, and education. Increasingly they are concerned about environmental issues because of pollution and increased weather disasters. They are not at all concerned about making sure the very wealthy don’t have to pay taxes or that major corporations don’t have to pay taxes or worry about social and environmental maintenance. The problem is that there is no one to turn to for the things that they are concerned about.

The simple reality is that radical and corporatist authoritarians are all that we get. I think the majority of the population are moderately libertarian and mildly communitarian. But the new difference is size. In the old systems the only way you could do a large, tightly integrated state was as an authoritarian structure focused on active exploitation of the planet and people. In one sense our old style states own and control too much and the pretense of democracy is so thin that it disappears. That is the underlying failure that makes people not care.

I think we need smaller states (metropoles or city states) that do NOT control rights but do control and manage services. If you give these states control of rights centralized power leads to abuse. Rights cannot be political. They must be planetary or committed to become planetary. We have actually come a long way to that over the last couple hundred years and seriously over the last fifty. The problems are when capitalist enterprise or totalitarian ideology gets control of governments they manipulate rights and deny them to improve profits and increase control. That is why the most successful states in terms of human happiness and environmental sustainability are market communitarian that have broader and more rigidly protected rights including asset distribution and environmental protections.

And that also limits authoritarianism that is the greater danger. To keep this focused, voting is a right. Destroying the value of a vote, logically, makes it worthless. People ignore worthless things. If their rights are actually valued then the system of government that they are part of must listen to them. The population will then accept the obligation to participate directly or by selection of a proxy. So that is why I think we have the power to handle direct democracy and must eliminate professional representatives because representatives were the only way to achieve some democracy in the past but is too easily corrupted.

Of course I see this as being enabled by AI/ML to depersonalize the complexity of administrative management. Moving rights from political to universal then is creation of transparent algorithms in the provision of services. There can be no consideration of sexual orientation or ethnicity in the provision of public services in any state on this planet. What I’m really saying is the death of politics. But, when people do it, that is often the route to power of totalitarians who say they will eliminate governmental corruption but simply replace one type with another. People can’t stop playing politics and politics is about power and power must be used.

It was very funny to watch Trump make the naïve pitch to ‘drain the swamp in Washington’ as if it were a new concept and then made it a complete swamp with no pretense of legality. Just as it has always happened. Read the history of Napoleon, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc. People in the wrong part of the process have always been the problem.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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