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This is the reality behind the sudden accelerating collapse of America that seemed to appear at the election of Trump. It is tragic as this article describes but it was based on decades, literally centuries, of racism allowed and supported. Otherwise good people had “their problems” but we looked the other way and then simply avoided the issue.

The Fox victims and Trump followers were not bad people. They simply were allowed to live their lives as racists and bigots who were safely isolated in homogeneous neighborhoods. That was America to them and they were expected to hate all other people or to ignore atrocities. None of that was ever taught in school so it couldn’t have happened.

Another decade or so and those people would have passed on. The children born after the seventies were products of a different world. More were from metropolitan environments and, as described here, simply learned to avoid talking about anything that would set their parents off.

But the desperation of the racists and those dedicated to bigotry and greed led to the use of that as the tool to hold a captive electorate. Reagan played the racist card and destroyed fifty years of progress in America. The result led to radical and fear mongering talk radio with conspiracies dating back to the John Birch Society. Ronnie Reagan was there from the beginning.

By the time Fox News came into existence all the rules had been destroyed. Power needed to be held before the captured Boomers died out. This was the trigger to amp the conspiracies and racism up as far as possible to leverage a minority in suburban and rule areas and in old racist neighborhoods to destroy American ideal. The sharing world of openness and caring that made America great, ironically, under Republican rule in the 1950s had always been hated by the greedy and racist owners who were being ignored.

That world had to be destroyed to restore rule by old white men justifying themselves by intellectually bankrupt religion. Greed must have no limits. Suffering was good for the lower orders to keep them frightened and controllable.

As the aging bigots became ever more desperate they had to take Obama’s presidency as the trigger to unleash all hate. With the rise of a mentally unstable and delusional Trump tied to illegal money and willing to do anything for more the final act could begin.

Now the loyal followers have only hate and delusion with no policy of any kind except denial of reality and greed as the only virtue. Millions have been driven functionally insane, families and neighborhoods destroyed, education devastated, and community services eliminated. All in the name of power and greed for those with great wealth.

The techniques are well known. KGB techniques for spreading confusion fit perfectly with Fox propaganda strategies. The Republican Party has publicly said that their strategy for 2020 is chaos to destroy democracy and retain power. A textbook implementation of the old USSR KGB strategies. They have no other options and there a no limits to lies and destruction.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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