The size of the difficulty

How to bring mindfulness to a failing nation

Yes, a significant portion of the problem reaction among Trumpists/Republicans is ignorance or hubris rather than malicious intent. But it seems increasingly difficult to tell the difference and I sense that the malicious intent is growing. Using a low intellect and badly damaged narcissist bully as the symbolic leader has, as we have seen, torn off all the restraints. The line between hubris and malice is being erased. Trump has never, it appears, known the difference. It is only the narcissist bully’s characteristic cowardice that has kept him from doing the things he so badly wants to do. As he has shown several times he is almost completely paralyzed by fear when forced to act on one of his threats. When he was a third rate, reality TV show actor selling real estate loud talk and lots of money was all that was needed. Now he has several million followers some percentage of whom are dangerous. If he begins to feel secure and removed enough from danger, the power of suggesting things that others do with no direct action of his own may turn him deadly (I’m afraid it may have already). At that point tendencies become crimes.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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