The Situation Still Remains the Same

But the easy options have been removed

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer

It’s always nice to see that things develop as expected but that removes a range of other options. In the case of America’s political collapse there were no surprises in the carefully distorted summary released by Trump’s AG on Sunday.

Everyone to date has taken the expected path avoiding change while performing the rituals of a corrupt state. Mueller maintained professional efficiency as a limited, special prosecutor with no mandate to go beyond what he has done. It is certainly possible to say that morality and broad ethical standards demanded more but no one expected a very conservative federal prosecutor to risk such an act.

Mueller, as I and many others have said, made it clear from the beginning that he did not feel that he could do anything about Trump. The standing Justice policy on indicting a president in office on federal charges leaves little room for action. Congress under the present system is the only body able to begin removal of a president.

As we’ve seen a primary symptom of a failing state is the inability to remove a corrupt and incompetent executive. Mueller has very carefully spent two years investigating and documenting a very corrupt and incompetent person who had gained the office illegitimately. As we know this was done with the full support of a political party indistinguishable from a criminal organization. The close interaction of the Russian intelligence organization and private criminal groups is well documented.

Two years of desperate coverups have had their effect. That was expected. Proving such things is always difficult and was expected to be nearly impossible in this case. Large number of indictments and guilty pleas have set the stage for the next phase. The easier path for America has been refused. The harder path remains.

The path now requires a corrupt and nearly powerless Congress to act. The depth of criminality and incompetence of the Trump regime is a greater threat to the planet by the day. The acceleration of climate disasters is already wiping out governments and rational action. Groups blocking immediate critical action are increasing the future death toll each month that they ignore reality.

Some people are finding some hope for a reduction in Trump insanity now that he thinks he is safe. Trump’s type of insanity is very difficult to understand but victorious crowing tends to drive impulsivity. He may well try to prove his power by action.

This will quickly turn to rage as the real investigations before Congress and the expected increase in state level legal actions begin picking off more of the Trump cohort. This will be the result of the Mueller evidence turned over to state district courts for actions.

However the Congressional direct attack on obfuscation and coverups proceeds, and that’s another case of pretense with a preference for inaction, the pressure on the entire Trump regime is going to escalate steadily. If the full report is not released it will show up as actions, initially, in the southern district of New York that is farthest along in money laundering and foreign influence peddling. This is the base level corruption that Trump and his hangers on have maintained for thirty years.

As I said, America refused to take the more direct path limited to the highest federal levels. Trump and the government that sought to use him for their advantage regardless of anyone else on the planet will now be taken down piece by piece in full view of the public. This will be death by a thousand cuts rather than a quick death by removal as Watergate ended.

Will America survive this? America has already been so badly crippled I doubt it. The Trump minority is already being prepared for violence and the need to stop elections as a threat. As this proceeds Trump will swing from exultation to rage and do the only thing he can do. He will increase the number of incoherent displays of lies, conspiracies, threats, and anger. His shrinking core of irrational followers will become more explosive as their imagined success is shown to be an illusion. That is dangerous.

The failure of this and the other old order powers to slow the build up of carbon in the atmosphere is already causing massive migrations, suffering, and deaths. This will dramatically increase by all estimates. Not in some future time but from right now with each year showing increasing deaths and regions falling into chaos.

Irrational and corrupt governments dedicated to greed and crude power cannot stand against that tide of chaos. We are being distracted by the tragically ignorant and the low grade scum working to exploit them.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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