The simplest solution

To our social and economic illness

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by Mike Meyer

I think I’ve finally figured it out. All by myself.

No, we don’t ever figure things out all by ourselves. That is so ‘modern’ and linear. None of us are linear anymore and we are at the end of the pretense.

Well, we are still linear but we live in a complex world that is no longer willing to give any slack to sentient beings that don’t have their shit into exponential change.

We all know that the capitalist thing has destroyed us. Not just America but the planet. Yes, there are two or three groups of extreme people, who refuse to understand that and also, incidentally, refuse to realize that everything has changed. They are a problem.

They are also so completely linear that they cannot be both positive and negative at the same time. The rise of open market style economics stemming from capitalism as a process and methodology has brought the entire planet to the point that positive change can happen. Thank you.

The four hundred year process has run its course. Very much as pumping iron, partying, and sleeping three hours a night when you are young can make you stronger. The early warning indicators mean you have to stop and rest even when young. But if you are older you only get weaker and then it kills you.

Here we are folks. The poisons have built up to the point that we have the leading planetary societies becoming sicker by the day. They are rich as hell but that isn’t what they, or all the rest of us, need.

The incredibly simplistic concept of material wealth does what wealth has always done to people. We have a 21st century version of 18th century cultural gout. Painful and debilitating and for which the vast majority of the population will give us no sympathy at all. We brought it on ourselves.

If all of your standards of success are based on single minded calculation of production and consumption and your people are incredibly stressed and miserable, also getting poorer, you need a new set of goals. It’s that simple. Successful societies are not the ones with a tiny fraction of the population living like there is no tomorrow while the rest have to worry about getting to the next paycheck. Is that too hard to understand?

But the solution. It’s actually reachable and successful when it is allowed to be. Not all profit based organizations are bad. Market economics is an invisible hand that works very well but it must be constrained so it doesn’t turn living into a profit or die process.

In America we have been starting to do this seriously but out of view and on the side due to the single minded fixation of the official consciousness. The Great Recession of 2007 has carried on and won’t go away although it is ignored and loudly told to ‘not exist’. This was caused by great financial industry that is wildly out of control and prone to intense evil. So people have closed bank accounts and turned to credit unions.

Cooperative unions are the organizational cure that allows a sick culture to ween itself off of the addiction of vast wealth and material death. We need to do more of these. The banks are shrinking in the type of services that they were designed to provided. They prey on people and invent scams to fool others while they are fooling themselves. They need to go away and be replaced by credit unions.

The finance industry needs to be nationalized and then converted into local or regional cooperative unions servicing their members. No profit.

Exploratory and innovative entrepreneurial ventures are high risk and take large amounts of extra capital. These are important for development. The most successful, thought, are the product of government, that is public, investment for things that are not obviously profitable. The fact that this has almost always been military in nature needs to end but the principle works.

Our economies in the post industrial world are primarily service. Those should not be used to make money for a small elite. The role of government is and will be the source of primary well being and care. That is provided by people for people. Simple. Done.

We need to get this done because the presence of profit making organizations with no ethical standards and only one goal is now deadly. For decades this was bad but mostly inconvenient. That has ended over the last forty years and will be deadly in the next forty years. Time to change.

This does not have a label and should not have a label. It is how our societies need to work to ensure we continue to live and increase both well being and innovation. We have tremendous wealth and resources courtesy of what we have done planet wide. We need to turn that to a new future for growth and well being. And to reach out to our solar system and beyond.

The name for this is the future. We need to implement the future. That is the system. All the -isms of the last century are gone. The future is where we are going and that is doing everything for all of us on this planet.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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