The short answer is, yes. The world would be a much better place without gods. They do need to be plural or you are ignoring almost all human history.

Because of the disappearance of gods we are opening a greater opportunity for hope than in all of human history. As religions fade we are seeing a very important change. That is the discovery of full spirituality in each of us that needs to be unconstrained by antiquated mythology. This is happening and is shown by the rapid growth of no religious affiliation in our youngest generations.

The death of religion allows the growth of a more flexible personal openness to diversity and new ideas. The universe that has evolved around us for the last three or four hundred years is in rapid change to a new universe that is very different. At this stage it is being explored and discussed all around us and people, amazingly to me, are sketching this new universe in as the model that we will need to survive the devastation of our atmosphere and biosphere.

At its based the new universe is a quantum mechanical model while the old universe was a Newtonian model with Einsteinian overlays. The essence of that was the dualistic model of Homo sapiens versus everything that exists. In the Cartesian tradition this was human life and dead matter but assuming that we lived in a physical universe and spiritual reality was another sphere.

You article states this exactly has it was laid out some three hundred years ago in Western Europe. This became the world we live in, still, today. We have known for almost 80 years that this is wrong but this has been limited to those who study cosmology and particle physics. Mass education took that time to begin to catch up to the new reality.

We are up against the walls of our old universe and it cannot explain easily the new reality. But this is still very difficult to explain to people who have grown up with the old and have not yet internalized the knowledge to understand the new.

Very briefly there is no physical reality because the components in our universe are potentials only. What we perceive as physical reality is the result of us, as sentient beings, observing and understanding that potential. Those actions produce reality.

That is a very different universe than the one you are attempting to repopulate with an iron age idea of god.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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