The question is not whether democracy, in the broad sense, is better or worse but how it is defined and implemented. The American Experiment and two hundred years of evolution of most governmental entities to some form of representative government has vastly improved human well being. But we have, apparently, hit a wall.

The corruption of the political system in the US has brought the nation close to collapse as a political entity. The current regime is criminal and illegitimate. Racism, bigotry, and greed are not policies but moral failures.

The fact that this was achieved through manipulation of a badly decayed electoral system that allowed a minority to gain control in direct defiance of the majority of citizens as voters indicates the extent of the collapse.

Efforts to present this as politics as usual is to accept the destruction of democratic principles. My point is that we need more democracy. The existing representational systems are based on a limited republic model that makes assumptions about communication and knowledge that are no longer valid. At the same the time the use of ‘representatives’ that are primarily owned by special interests and the oligarchic elite that, now, also owns the electoral system in a number of states through structural failures is fatal.

Combine this with the climate crisis and massive extinction event we are now in means that there is no time. The complexity of the changes that must be made are far greater than most people can understand but the majority understands that the existing system is so corrupt that it is unable to function except to ensure its own survival and the prevention of change.

This will require a very direct form of democracy while automating most of the planet’s day to day administration. The massive changes required will need everyone’s buy in or we will be left with a complete autocracy as the only alternative to extinction.

We are in a very, very bad situation. And the fact that is being ignored and denied by many makes no difference. That is already ending. We are in this together and we need to manage it together.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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