The question is a tough one. We have a long tradition, excluding the last thirty years for one party of our political system, of being thoughtful and polite to the current FLOTUS as it might to have been her fault. I think that is the wrong attitude now and a remnant of our misogynistic heritage. I asked the same question about the jacket.

Having thought about it I now lean toward her being told to wear the thing and she did. She has made no effort to do anything other than meet the, obviously, clearly stated directives of the position. If there was no way to call in sick or simply disappear for a few days. She is meeting her contractual obligations.

The recorded interaction that she had at the children’s concentration camp seemed completely devoid of emotion. There also seemed to be no interest in anything other than doing what was required and then leaving as quickly as possible and, again, donning the required jacket.

She coptered back to her own concentration camp but it was one that she chose. I’m sure that she is prepared for whatever it takes to escape becoming collateral damage at the end of this thing. I expect she will be the first one, but only by minutes, who make a break for it when hammer falls.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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