The problem that you have so carefully laid out here is the problem of remaining true to ethics and intellectual standards while trying to be responsibly active in the existing political arena. On a personal level it is wrestling with calling the ignorant assholes what they are while remaining open to equality and diversity. That leaves very few ways in which to feel either effective or satisfied at what you have said while realizing that, in any case, you haven’t done anything that matters.

I’ve been at this for many years and I don’t have a good answer. That suggests to me that we have gone down the wrong road and are now lost in a swamp of good intentions that foster a very evil reality.

It seems to me a basic rule that if you allow the assholes and willfully ignorant the chance to take power, they will. To stop that you need to say that there are standards that must be maintained and if you don’t have those you can’t play. That is not the rules that we have sought to live by in representative governments.

The assholes and willfully ignorant who take power will keep it by all and any means and then we are all screwed. So we need to rethink this quickly and then act. But how to be sure we are improving the situation?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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