The problem, Jack, is the baggage on our words. Words finally collapse under the weight of their history. Simple words are old and carry layers of meaning often contradictory. Attempting to repurpose a word becomes a battle with endless confusion and anger.

Trying to salvage the word ‘god’ is hopeless. You can find groups that use it appropriately but the majority will use whatever definition they picked up as a child. ‘God’ is an ancient word and was redefined, translated, and translated back. It is so old and dense that it falls through the floor when uttered.

That’s why many people get angry when someone tries to use it as anything but a mild expletive. God is a word bomb.

Word bombs destroy discussion with anyone but those with precisely the same definition. And sometimes even with those.

Word history constantly evolves. That is why teaching English to non-native speakers is so frustrating. Normal usage is loaded with booby traps. Consider the word ‘booby’. Consider the word ‘gay’. And those are problematic for only a few decades.

That is why writers struggle with word choice. To be good we need to know and select words based on the harmonics of layers of meaning all the way back to the archaic. Most people may not know the etymology but, if a native speaker, they will know some words ‘sound funny’ in certain situations.

Don’t blame the angry atheists. They are reacting as you would expect when you throw a bomb at them. They should know better but that is a different issue.

‘God’ is not a polite word.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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