The problem is bigger than the US

We can’t get past our exceptionalism and it is killing us

Is there any way to save the United States of North America? This is the unstated but looming question at the anniversary of the Trump coup. The very nature of the Trump Coup suggests that there is not an option that retains the union. The absence of our ability to talk about the Trump Coup indicates both its success and its implications for North America. As an admission of failure I have been struggling with this realization for the last thirteen months. The failure comes from having had all that I feared could happen turn into reality with normalization of a national absurdity at the core of that reality. The nature of the Trump Coup is that we can no longer even articulate it. It was being recognized and described last January with growing knowledge of the social media tools in the electoral college manipulation at the hands of predominantly Russian mechanisms. The murky sources of Trump’s rediscovered wealth in the world of predominantly Russian based mob and Putin connected financial organizations was quickly outlined. The incredible power of addictive social media to shape community attitudes was being outlined at the edges of mainstream media in January 2017. But this was quickly boxed into single special prosecutor’s investigation that delayed any serious consideration for months if not forever. All other attempts to understand, correct, or prevent repetition of such an event have effectively disappeared. How did this happen? Why did it happen?

The danger of the massive shift to social media as the source of self reinforcing news and information for a large part of the North American population continues to be studied but is focused solely on social and mental health with a kind of hazy recognition of the monopolizing effects of the techno titans on the economy. Political problems? The Trump Coup? Silence. The world is keenly focused and horrified on the results of that coup. A majority of the population in the US is focused and horrified but you would never know that from the tone of the media after February 2017. We have lost our memory. Much as trauma causes memory loss and physical trauma eliminates short term memory, the completely unacceptable reality of the Trump Coup has wiped its cause and its origins from our minds. This is the horrible fascination that has held the rest of the planet transfixed on America in the last year. The fear and fascination of watching what was the most powerful nation on the planet overthrown by an internally supported coup led by fringe fascists and incompetents causing traumatic amnesia and then stumbling toward destruction is an unprecedented nightmare. How many will be killed by this disaster? Who will survive?

A very active secret police organization was quickly created by subversion of elements of Homeland Security. ICE is now the feared arm of the Trump regime responsible for thousands of disappearances, destruction of lives, families and communities and an unknown number of deaths. Recognized planet wide as the traditional dictatorial force used to generate fear by labeling arbitrary parts of the population as “other” and destroying them. The true citizens, right thinking people and active supporters of the regime have nothing to worry about. The rise of sanctuary cities (remember those?) and one sanctuary state have angered the regime by completely inconsequential actions. They have not assisted in the human destruction. No wonder no one remembers them. They were a vital line of action against the collapse early in the year. By failing to save anyone they destroyed a great potential for popular action against an illegitimate regime.

Oh, but we have given up on the illegitimacy of the Trump regime. It’s just an incredibly incompetent and massively unpopular ‘administration’. But we don’t “know” that it was funded and supported by Russian criminal and official financial organizations for the laundering of dollars. We no longer ask if the electoral college win was manipulated. We wait for the special prosecutor, working up hill against the power of an entrenched regime, even if incompetent, to pick off the goats offered up for sacrifice. And, in between the sacrificial goats, we wonder how far Mueller can go before he is removed. It’s the new normal. And that normalcy cannot support a continental nation-state acting as a planetary leader. That was whispered all year but is now the talk of the planet.

There is no doubt that Angela Merkel is the leader of the old free world with a rejuvenating EU stepping up to assume leadership of the west. China is the new world leader struggling to overcome a premature promotion in the wake of the American collapse. While incredibly dangerous the working assumptions appear now to be that the US is finished and the Trump regime has no hold on the vast US military beyond token attacks in existing, war zones. The actions in Korea with the sudden movement to unity in the wake of Trump’s mindless rants is effectively his dismissal by Kim Jong-un. Incompetence and the historical failure of xenophobic and racist fascist regimes is well known. They can destroy but they cannot build. Their rants, escapades, and self promotion becomes very tiring very quickly. That time is up.

And America has failed in the most pitiful fashion and it only took one year. Small time dictators can laugh and take advantage. Not even an original failure but failing from the racism and greed that had been allowed to dominate the culture. The rich historical irony that the great protagonists of the last half of the 20th century became so much alike that they died the same death only thirty years apart. The remnants will struggle in the wreckage while the rest of the world moves on quickly.

That is the reason that the survival of the union is impossible in the very nature of the Trump coup. We can see the pieces that will survive and will be freed to act in the new world order. New alliances are already forming. Sadly there will be no clean burial. Trump may survive fuming and fumbling in the ruins of a the most backward parts of North America, the Trump Rump.




Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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