The powers that be have done everything they could for decades to ensure that they cannot be removed. The pretense of voting barely satisfies the aged and embittered who are susceptible to authoritarian demagoguery. It is understood as a farce and a con by anyone under the age of forty in the US.

There are two flavors of government: brutal religious bigotry (bad cop), and the more articulate, pretensions of concern, quiet exploitation (good cop). Their goals are identical, maintenance of extreme capitalism without regard for planet or people. Those selected to the elite hope to be saved by the billionaire class who expects to survive in domed isolation as the planet’s climate worsens.

As we should know, those who have gathered vast estates and power are singleminded and vicious. They also tend to be amazingly stupid.

This will all collapse very soon as it is built on an illusion. We are no longer able to ‘pull-down governments’ that are rich and entrenched. The option now is to resist and educate but be prepared. The SARS-CoV-2 will shortly begin to kill again and the deluded idiots who have agreed to die for the rich will begin to panic. The grossly incompetent ‘leaders’ are already panicking.

This will not be a revolution. Those days are gone with everything we thought we knew. It will descend steadily into chaos with increased killing, lynching, and loss of control. That is the price of greedy incompetency. Metropolitan centers with good management will begin to fill with hungry and sick refugees. The sad theme of NIMBY will play out.

The professionals and the remaining upper middle class will try to escape to the mountains and other countries. That has been happening for the last two years. We will all, soon, face the decision on when to liquidate and escape. In the meantime buy everything you will need from Amazon. Other sources are disappearing. Note that the very wealthy with some knowledge and wisdom, not everyone is a greedy thug, are liquidating now.

Unless an internal revolt changes the direction within the elite, we are only a few months away from this scenario. A more likely option is an international coalition that sends peacekeeping forces and aid to the hardest-hit parts of the US. We already have Doctors Without Borders in the US for the first time assisting the Navajo Nation. That will be the trigger for the breakup of the Union.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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