The power of greed and hatred in wealth denied

We have all known this situation and people who have found a role that balances what they don’t have with something that shows their value in helping kids, animals, neighborhoods, migrants. The very people that the fascist disease turns into targets for hatred.

These are the people who may not know how to find value for themselves without social assistance whether through clubs, church, family or friends. But in times of massive change and endless insecurity these are the people ripe for demagoguery. The raw material for authoritarian outrage.

And as shown here, it is only the rage that matters. You will never see Trump talk of love, satisfaction, charity, or happiness. Demagogs are almost always seriously unhappy people who have known, in their mind, only abuse and rejection. They have defined themselves as rejected and have internalized their self destruction and project it on others to show them how to hate others and yourself.

People are funny that way. They react in a limited number of ways to insecurity and anxiety but it wears away at them until they either collapse or figure out how to turn it on others. Most need help to do this. Our American culture is sick of endless economic exploitation and its constant insecurity. For many people there is no relief. This culture has always been provincial and inward. Nothing else matters but America and when America sucks in a basic way with no alternative in sight the contradiction is deep. It is filled with rage. We are the best and we are miserable. What choice but to hate and destroy everything.

It is culturally suicidal. Realize it and know what it can do. While it is only about 20% of our population caught in this these are the ones constantly entangled in complex conspiracies to explain how America came to suck. It does not need to make any sense. Rage has no logic.

This problem is inherent in sentient, social animals. We are self aware and it is our ‘self’ that is the problem. This is usually hidden and cannot be articulated. umair haque touches on it here as the need to destroy the self to gain love from the pseudo father. This has been recognized from early in our civilized history. The functioning skills at the core of most major religious philosophies included ways to reduce or contain the self non-destructively. The central and, arguably, oldest form of Buddhism is not a religion but a methodology to limit the pain and suffering caused by having a ‘self’ that is a virtual construct that we revere as important above all other things.

The fact that Mindfulness, Compassion, and Meditation have become so important in America is the aid found by another portion of our population primarily youth and the more global. This is careful separated from religion and is the only area of growth in spirituality now. It must be separated from religion in America because religion in American culture is a bizarre form of an antique religion that was adapted as the basis for capitalism emphasizing extreme individuality and constant competition for material gain.

It is not a surprise that the American form of the fascist infection is intimately entangled with American Christianity. It is endless failure and redemption through money that forgives all sins. Even Trump pays lip service to it while his life is a complete mockery of the original ideals of the religion. Money and greed are the virtues driven by hate with near insane longing for their savior who will always fail to save. But he must fail because, in the end, greed denies everything to others. And these Americans have nothing valuable to deny to the hated others that are themselves except being American.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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