The overriding difficulty with problems at this level of planetary complexity is that everything is in a feedback loop. No one knows what to do, but that is an escape from doing what must be done to eliminate the neoliberal world we live in today.

Yes, elites that become desperate have traditionally found the answer in war either as a distraction, a way to cripple or crush their perceived opposition, or, in the worst case, as a glorious suicide.

I feel that Haiti and failed states in Africa or even Syria are the ghosts of Christmas future. Some of the billionaire elite, I'm sure, envision themselves as feudal lords of impoverished banana republics. Trump now embodies this with sickening naivete. The rule by warlord gangs is the feudal reality.

Our future will not be a feudal romance with strong but docile peasants doing all the work. Nor will the science fiction romance of the elites moving to Mars or even orbital city-states operate with a collapsing homeworld civilization. That is a future that could be but not built by a handful of greedy billionaires feeding on looted assets.

So much of that seems the 21st century equivalent of a 14th-century European cathedral that moves directly from construction to ruin. Instead, the number of grandiose unfinished castles should warn of the products of great, stolen wealth.

The most likely option, I think, is something we've already learned to live with in America. No one mentions the rust belt cities with select affluent suburbs, small but lavish business districts surrounded by several miles of abandoned buildings as problems but as a kind of success.

We see the complexity of this collapse by lauding the transformation of many lavish business districts into abandoned office buildings by the inadvertent COVID trigger.

The working population sees this as positive evolution, while the elite see it as a dangerous loss of control. But, unfortunately, the workers escaped, so the elite need to live with it until new rules to restore power by a subservient government happen.

A good, old-fashioned fascist dictatorship would take care of that, they think. But the heavy move to remote work is not only possible but more efficient. The job gets done with more power in the hands of the people working. The decades of emphasizing efficiency and profit above all are now biting the elite in the ass. If it works, don't fix it, even if it destroys your excuse for feudal control.

This is how the old paradigm is pulled apart, leaving much of our neoliberal world in ruins. But we will ignore that.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .