The Only Options are Panic or Feeding Frenzy

What kind of choice is that?

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ July 7, 2020

What do you call a panicked feeding frenzy? Typically a feeding frenzy is created by the presence of a lot of food for a group of significant predators. Panic in the face of threats, causes the opposite of a feeding frenzy. Somehow the Trump regime has managed to screw this up also.

While Trump Party congressional members are struggling to hide their growing panic in the face of full Insanity and white supremacy, not to mention massive infections and coming deaths, there is nowhere for them to turn. I don’t think they are eating or sleeping well, not that I have any sympathy.

Concurrently Trump and his cohort of stooges are in full cry to destroy as much of the US and the planet as they can in a death orgy of hate while feasting on human suffering. What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a completely evil feeding frenzy when the only other option is panic and collapse?

This frenzy is approaching historic levels of national horror, and there seems to be no end and no one who can stop this. Meanwhile, Black communities are leading the most massive demonstrations in the history of the country to stop the murders, end the spread of the pandemic, and defund increasingly criminal police forces. But you would never know that from the national media that has lost interest or, maybe, decided to avoid upsetting anyone.

Joe Biden has come into his destiny by being an old white guy from the political elite who is reasonably nice and not bug fuck crazy. We have all accepted that there is no other hope at this point. Unfortunately, Joe is polite and will wait for his turn after the election, but I cannot see him in a military assault on the White House to end a coup attempt. Joe would go back home and maybe stop off to see some friends. Yes, he is all we have but is that enough?

As is being very openly discussed, the crazy gap between Trump-led insanity with his mindless hoard and the shell shocked majority of the country, is so vast it is hard to make any sense of it. One possible explanation comes from a New York Times reporter, Maggie Haberman, on CNN, who suggests that Trump is now actively trying to lose the election. This choice is not conscious; the man has a mental age of three but fits his pattern of quitting if he cannot be the only winner. Denial of life with great suffering is a consolation prize for Trump.

This scorched earth denialism is a known characteristic of Trump and similar psychopaths and suggested from the beginning as a possible outcome of a Trump presidency. We would all have whatever is left after he went home in a sulk. No one, I think, ever imagined the extent of the devastation that one lazy and ignorant mentally defective person in the wrong position could achieve when supported by a corrupt, failed political party in a collapsing nation.

Viciously forcing businesses to reopen in the middle of a pandemic is already starting to pale. The monster is now working to force schools to open without funding for necessary safety as the pandemic builds. What is needed is funding for communities, schools, and the population in general to survive this hellscape that could have been controlled and managed.

No one wants to say that it is too late, but it certainly looks that way to me. Yes, many communities will pull together and get through this, but many more will not. They all will be badly damaged for decades. This debacle has nothing good to offer. It is pure hatred, destruction, and death ending in suicide for whole communities that will never be able to restore what Trump and his party are destroying. The percentage of the population lured into social insanity will poison communities for a generation.

As so many people have been repeating over and over, the future is not on our side. This tragedy is a self-inflicted fatal injury amid a species self-inflicted planetary injury and economic collapse. It doesn’t get much bigger than that short of comet strikes or the next evolutionary change to the coronaviruses. We’ve neatly bundled all of this together. And Insanity is not an excuse.

This massive hairball of a problem for the US has many threads, but the primary one is the absence of leadership. I see management at the university and school district level caving into outrageous demands for good but disastrous reasons. Yes, schools are critical to care for our children because we have allowed that to be just another low priority business. To save communities with parents facing eviction and abject poverty without childcare or schools is not a reason to destroy the health of children, families, and communities because the top level of government is controlled by greedy scum.

We have been put, intentionally, in an impossible quandary with no way out but suffering. Only the billionaires will continue to reap massive rewards. But no one can do anything? Things are only going to get worse.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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