The odds are that the solution is not something we will do but something that will happen to us. Either the Trump/Russian drive for a return to 19th century authoritarian nationalism will succeed in completely undercutting the concept of representational government accelerating the slide into barbarism or we will succeed in restoring some elements of democracy and there will be a short period of hope to be crushed by the climate crisis.

The solution, as I’ve discussed in other articles, will need to be full revolutionary change aimed at preventing the collapse into climate triggered disasters. This will be the break up of large states, e.g. US, Russia, China, India into metropolitan regions to get full, direct, democracy working while AI management evolves to replace most human management.

People are not yet equipped to handle very large, planetary problems. We need to hand off to full massive data analysis and management with complete elimination of bigotry and preferences. The size of the transformation of our economy with the brutal changes that will mean are way beyond our abilities at this stage.

This will be something very much like a religious conversion, without mythology and religion, that requires an act of faith in our digital offspring. Perhaps it can be seen as ‘retirement’ allowing our children to care for us.

I’m not sure this is possible but it is the only real hope we have barring completely unexpected, wildcard changes such transformational technology or the arrival of the galactic overlords. If we had time we will evolve to the level we need to manage our planet and ourselves but we screwed the pooch with our climate disaster. Only the hard answers are left in the time we have.

That time is probably only twenty years on the outside. Based on the current projections much of our current food producing regions will be devastated and whole regions becoming uninhabitable by then. Massive population movements toward the poles will be well underway and the old nation states will be gone. This is based on nothing much being done to limit carbon loading to the atmosphere.

And that last is because the oligarchy is panicking that they will loose power. As they have locked down over half of all wealth among the 1% they, like Bloomberg, can decide to just throw massive amounts of money at shaping opinion to leave things unchanged.

The actions we can take will need to be to go with the what must be done. This will be an aikido situation. You beat a revolution by taking it over. That is accepting the death of the world that we know and then, for most of us, to get the fuck out of the way.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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