The obsession with past wars is a major human failing. There is a significant minority of the human population that has great difficult in not focusing on the past. They will repeat old patterns that had come to be their definition of self. The construction of the French Maginot Line of fortresses to protect from German invasion is the classic example.

The German Blitzkrieg simply went over and around at full speed. The endless fought design details of that defensive behemoth were suddenly irrelevant. And, incidentally, France fell to Nazi Germany.

So this article is interesting but I think it does not go far enough. The fear and hate of Hilary was, hopeless, reaction to high speed change and a level of justified fear of rise of the billionaire oligarchy that was built on assets stolen from the middle class. This was not the result of the global trade economy, a still recurring mistake, but the base structure of late stage capitalism that consolidates all assets in as few hands as possible for maximum efficiency and political self protection.

What this now represents is the collapse of the modern state system. The confusion generated by the failure of capitalism to deal with the repercussions of greed and infinite resource destruction can find no understandable strawman to blame so, as described here, the last recognizable opponent is dug up and again beaten.

Trump is not worth discussing as he is simply insane and a catalyst for collapse.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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