The Noose Tightens but Risks Grow

Impeachment is morally required but won’t solve the problem

by Mike Meyer

Bill Mueller has made it clear that Trump’s removal is the responsibility of Congress. The man in the White House is indictable on a wide variety of obstruction charges alone. He is also unable to control himself or maintain rational speech so continues to commit criminal acts and perjure himself daily.

None of this is in question except to those who have tied themselves to a criminal and corrupt regime or are, simply, uninformed and befuddled by massive misinformation campaigns. The level of that corruption in the federal government is the real crime that must be halted and punished if this country is to survive.

Despite self serving complicity by the national media, all of this is now being covered continuously with Trump, Barr, McConnell, and the full leadership of the national Republican Party guilty as accomplices. The noose tightens. Again none of this is in question except by the continuously talking heads who must have drama and confusion to maintain and justify their income.

At this point Trump, the Executive branch, and Senate leadership is at the mercy of Nancy Pelosi. Trump understands this and and fear helps make him more irrational by the day. The Senate leadership is still convinced that they hold the cards to protect Trump and, ultimately, themselves. The few remaining normal Republican representatives are probably ready to bolt but too intimidated to act. Representative Justin Amish may not only survive this but could end up helping build a new Conservative party.

Objectively, this is a very interesting situation. I’ve addressed the impeachment issue as now being a moral question at a more fundamental level than politics. I continue to think that is true but that does not change the practical reality of no procedural means to remove Trump and associates while openly corrupt individuals, if not criminals, control the US Senate. That is an institutional and structural failure.

Based on a number of responses to the above article on the moral justification for impeachment, many have a strong assumption that taking a stand for the moral issue will do nothing for the collapsing US political system. While I generally agree with that I’m not ready to give up yet.

But there is a totally ignored topic that should now be at the center of this crisis. We get endless rehash of the facts and the lies with the proof of corruption and criminal actions clearly identified but, paradoxically, still presented as, somehow, in question.

Beginning an impeachment investigation is, however, the primary topic of discussion indicating how far we have come from the obfuscated presentation of the Mueller report. This is the first step in the impeachment process and is needed to overcome Trump’s obstruction. This is not a discussion of impeachment directly but of the first stage of the impeachment process. Toes are now well into the water and the momentum will continue to build.

But, conversely, this is also the tool now being used to avoid discussing the real and ignored topic of what to do when the criminal evidence goes public? We know that Mueller built the case but refused to pull the trigger in order to retain deniability as the man that brought down the US government. The extent of the criminal actions by Trump, the corrupt political party behind him, and their continuing complicity with the Russian intelligence networks supporting Trump are well understood.

A formal Congressional investigation that reveals the extent of this conspiracy must force, not only action, but major structural change to the US government. Clearly presenting this for discussion above and beyond removal of Trump is the greatest historical failure that Mueller will carry. Mueller, from an old, elite, conservative family revealed the aged weakness of our traditional leadership by being unwilling to say the words that would tear the veil hiding the institutional rot and failing political infrastructure.

It is sad but understandable that Mueller resorted to the old, Victorian fastidiousness of being unable to say the forbidden words or admit that forbidden acts had occurred in the sacred center of his government. His clarification was very close to “the mighty oar plunging into the foaming sea” when “he fucking the shit out of us” was what he meant. The reality was simply more than he could bring himself to state.

But state it we must. The devil here is a chicken and egg conundrum. To begin the correction will destroy the system while the system is all that is available to remove the corruption but their is no tool to accomplish that level of change.

Nancy Pelosi’s great concern is similar to Mueller’s without the New England, elite fastidiousness. If the process starts there must be a way to finish it because the extent of criminality is already well known. The corruption in the Senate could allow Trump to be exonerated in a show trial. That would, itself, be so obviously a criminal act that either the government would fall or the emerging fascist regime would quickly succeed in completing its coup. The underlying fear is that enough Americans no longer really care and would defer to the continuing lies and confusion rather than act.

While the percentage of Americans who hate Trump and everything he and the Republicans represent is, at least, a plurality and probably a majority, whether they would shake off their lethargy and actually take to the streets putting themselves at risk is the biggest question. The criminal party and Trump controllers are counting on that lethargy. With enough lies and confusion and proven Russian help they could lock in a fascist government unanswerable to anyone but themselves. They are well on their way.

This is what keeps me and many others awake at night including, I’m sure, Nancy Pelosi who holds the power to start the process. This is not an issue of information, evidence, or proof. Trump and family are not bright and have used all his inheritance and, the, any money they could find to buy themselves out of disaster after disaster. The question is the process and what it will take to accomplish, at least, an interim structural change while removing a significant part of the current administration from two branches of government?

Anything less than a full re-engineering of the executive and legislative branches of the government risks hastening the arrival of a fully fascist regime. This is what I see as inspiring the lack of hope among so many Americans. Removing only Trump leaves the evil of Pence and the criminal party in Congress. The fascist cancer is independent of its useful fool.

The option of throwing Trump to the wolves to maintain the fascist core has so obviously been planned that impeachment appears as a positive to the Republicans. Only Trump is frantic and panicking. While the Democrats use the fear of the unsuccessful impeachment of Clinton as a reason to not impeach, that was so obviously a completely hypocritical ploy that its failure was hardly surprising. A real danger is that Trump would be jettisoned by Republican leadership as a ‘compromise’ for national unity through forced resignation leaving the full fascist coup in motion.

This is exactly the type of KGB style misinformation campaign that would sucker millions. Lies and deception with no moral or ethical standards by people taking advantage of the normal human assumption of the absence of evil is the current reality. McConnell’s casual denial of the entire argument for refusing to even consider Garland’s Supreme Court nomination is a very clear example. Those that assume the rules apply to everyone are suckers.

That big problem is that anything less than a total clean out of the rot and corruption means the fascists will almost certainly win. There is nothing that they will not do to achieve their goals. For them, to lose is certain prison but to win is continued and limitless plunder and power for themselves and their families.

The stakes are very high and so are the challenges. Impeachment is too small and weak to succeed but it is the only moral tool we have. We’ve known from the beginning that Trump is a puppet and a distraction but the damage that has been and will be done in his name is unsupportable. But with packed courts and, now, a free reign to gerrymander and suppress all but racially acceptable voters the next election could well be the first show election of America as a full fascist state.

The rules are going to need to be bent if not broken just as they have been done for years by the Republicans bringing us to this disaster. The entire Trump cohort along with McConnell and senate leadership needs to be removed preferably in the same process.

I’m afraid this Is far more than Nancy Pelosi is willing to consider. Our aging leadership, as Mueller typified, cannot bring themselves to face the current reality. Ironically this requires that kind of strong action that incredibly dangerous and that we most want to avoid. That is the dilemma we are facing.

But, perhaps, a committed and very broad, hard hitting exposure of Trump and his backers could bring mass support for forced resignations and emergency action beyond impeachment. This is, at least, now a hope.

Pelosi has now confirmed that impeachment is inevitable based solely on continued obstruction. She, and all of us, now need to get well beyond that to look at what that means and what must be done.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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