The next chapter of this is consolidation into a handful of the top international universities provide high-quality online courses with a fringe tier of wack-nut indoctrination camps.

Wait . . . You’re right that has already happened.

The leftovers will be specialized research and art universities. The adult education will be CTE with liberal arts courses from the top university’s MOOC programs. As I’ve said previously, the community colleges will be the centers representing all online course providers with hands-on facilities, tutoring, and mentoring.

Years ago I wrote an article, that I decided not to publish because it seemed logical to me take the existing teaching faculties and convert them to ‘educational facilitators’ by discipline or skill set. Courses are designed and produced at the major centers and some small specialized or alternative institutions (big names in specific fields) and delivered online. The facilitators are tutors and mentors who select the appropriate courses in sequence for people.

It was obvious twenty-five years ago when I wrote it that the blow to the economy would cause blood in the streets. Now are edging toward, of necessity, Universal Basic Income, that would allow this kind of change to happen relatively painlessly. That, of course, ignores the blow to the pride of ex-professors who have become glorified TAs.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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