The Limit is About to be Reached

Not knowing what you don’t know doesn’t help

by Mike Meyer

At some point it is going to be too much. Literally millions of people in America and around the planet have been thinking this for over two years. America is clearly in rapid decline but, even when you have accepted the results of a dubious election placing an incompetent and known criminal in the White House, there has to be a limit.

Loud denials do not provide longer term protection from criminality, stupidity, greed, and ignorance. They have come to be used in America as a means to deflect a nearly gutless national media from risking their bottom line by having to take a moral and ethical stand. That can work for a bit but it can only buy time for an escape to figure out where you can go with a weak extradition history. Even the weak media can’t dance around for ever.

But as Forest Gump’s mother use to say, “stupid is as stupid does”. I admit to not being really sure of the meaning of that statement until the combination of a criminal political party and Donald Trump came together. Stupid very definitely is being done in this case.

I’m afraid that both Donald J. and the executive heads of the Republican Party have managed to hit a level of stupid that sets the record. As we all know a certain type of stupidity is oblivious to its own end. The mistaken presumption of brilliance and untouchability is based on the great reluctance of a nation of people to call stupid what it is. Humans have become, in the majority, an increasingly mindful and careful people who are very aware, if not terribly articulate, of the threats to this planet and of the reality of its great diversity.

We no longer easily allow emotions to take over. We have a history of horror based on violence lead by stupid people and of violence aimed at those same stupid people when the limit is reached. The images of Mussolini having been killed and crowds dragging his body through the streets of Italy come to mind. Mussolini was no where near as stupid as Donald J. Trump.

But even with that you don’t want to risk crossing the line of bullshit overload. It’s hard not to think that we are almost there even in the great blankness of 21st century polarized America.

Donald’s mental problems are very well known and it can be said he is incapable of understanding this limit. The same cannot be said for the people representing the Republican Party. It is also well known that those people are not noted for being bright but some of them seem to have realized where they are and are getting very nervous. As well they should.

Even though it is reported to be under RICO investigation the Republican Executive Committee is being allowed the freedom to clean up their mess. They have opted to ignore the opportunity. Mitch McConnell is doubling down. What else can he do? The specter of spending your last years in prison, even in a country club prison, is horrifying.

The problem with shouting denials and claiming everything, including what you have previously said as a lie, is that reality continues to intrude. Shit comes out. Even a gutless and mediocre media are unable to ignore the constant flood of reality and fact. The shear volume of incriminating evidence overwhelms everything.

I really can’t remember a weekend when some revelation of Trump’s criminal past hasn’t come to light followed immediately by loud tweeting of denials and gibberish often just as incriminating. There is a limit whether he or Mitch McConnell realize it or not.

Following the Deutsche Bank managers revealing the flagging of Trump and Kushner’s financial activities as potentially criminal with a scheme to pardon war criminals on Memorial Day definitely falls under stupid is as stupid does. Clinging to a delusional narcissist who doesn’t have any idea of right and wrong is a very leaky lifeboat when your ship sinks.

There is still expectation that McConnell will decide to throw Trump under the bus to save himself. It may be that some of the most disgusting Trump spew is now inspired by McConnell edging Trump closer to the bus door. Trump is an easy mark as Putin and Kim Jong-Un have shown.

McConnell is an evil piece of shit as well as the most hated man in Congress, so I would not put it past him. What a legacy to history. The most hated man in Congress. I suppose it is slightly better than the dumbest man in Congress. But the Republicans have that one also.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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