The Last White President

The brutal reality of racism in North America’s dominant political and cultural entity cannot be denied, minimized, or reduced. It is a cultural cancer that has brought the lead nation of western planetary conquest in the 20th century to its knees. As with many types of cancer it was partially delayed but never stopped or even contained and could be ignored until a sudden appearance signals the rapid, terminal decline. Trump as the first white president is important primarily just as sentinel bleeding marks the final stage of the disease. He shows how we will die and are dying.

Over the last years and intensely over the last eleven months I’ve struggled along with many others to understand how a laughable incompetent with delusions of grandeur could be voted into the highest office on the planet with destruction as the inevitable result. There is no logic but only the disease that has taken over a critical percentage of the population who can hear nothing but the siren song of racism as normal life. You must rule, the other must submit so support the symbols of that racist right. You need do nothing more. And enough of America has accepted that chalice whether they grabbed and drank or politely accepted a token taste. The poison has strengthened as the world has changed. The taste is deadly.

We are coming to the triage. Positive thinking while we ignore outright robbery of rights and property cannot save us. The disease must be removed and with it as much of the body politic as necessary to let the healthier parts survive. The guiding principle must be diversity and absolute acceptance of the broadest definition of rights. I think the only allowance for those who cannot accept this is isolation. Any political entity that fails to accept and fully implement these rights after a reasonable period for transition becomes an independent state with no planetary rights. Yes, we must enter the age of planetary rights to protect our freedoms and our communities but that will remove those that are the cause of cultural death.

This is not something that can be enacted from on high. It must come from the population of each community and region. As has also become obvious the concept of nationalism is simply racism and bigotry protected by group hatred, ignorance, and force of arms. The attacks on global standards are not economic but racism under the larger label of xenophobia. Communities must manage themselves for the benefit of all. If they cannot then they are not legitimate.

This is the most difficult thing that has ever been required of our species and our planet. But is there any other way?

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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