The is a growing wave of signs of a fundamental paradigm shift, as illustrated by Thomas Kuhn. However, there is, as yet, as far as I can see, no clear consensus on the new language that allows consistent answers to the list of unanswerable questions.

The search seems to be for safe changes that will gently build on what we already know while preventing things from spinning completely out of control. The popularity of these approaches is their recognizability and assurance that those of us with significant investments in the current paradigm won't suddenly be declared worthless and presented with a cup of poison to solve our problem.

In the sound world that has been left behind, where all knowledge is cumulative, that would not be a legal option. However, I keep facing the realization that this is not what is happening.

The middle road of moderation depends on several decades to make sensible changes to restore something close to consensus. But, unfortunately, we have neither the time nor the language available to us to do that.

A major conceptual problem is our post-Electronic-Enlightenment assumption that we are in control and will make critical decisions. Instead, we are overwhelmed by the inertia of eight billion people who have never accepted responsibility for past decisions taken by small elite groups proving to be terminal.

Vast portions of the planet and our population have no way of taking responsibility or controlling our future against overwhelming forces. Allowing the marketing of assault weapons to the ignorant and incapable does not alter that imbalance.

It may be that we need to accept the loss of population and living areas to climate disaster and allow our youth and those willing to change to abandon most of our economy and all of the nation-state system of government.

That is by no means an adjustment. The paradigmatic change we're looking for will not come from people writing books about changing our worldview. The paradigm changes for some first, and then the rest of us learn the language required.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .