The Ironic Evil of White Christianity

The real face of the most dangerous religious terrorism*

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 28, 2019

Historically it is obvious that the current, potentially violent, reactionary lurch into white supremacy and religion is a desperate bid by those failed and irrational systems to survive a little longer. It is counter to everything we have learned and struggled to implement socially in the last two hundred years that has, finally, opened much of the human population to hope beyond subsistence. In the last fifty years that hope is for universal wellbeing well beyond simple survival.

But that broad opening of opportunity across almost all borders has come to threaten the ruling elite and their quest to escape all obligations to anyone but themselves. That this would lead to planetary rebellion as the climate crisis accelerates is the fundamental cause of the desperate attacks against education, social rights, and financial equity with ancient weapons of racism, ethnocentrism, and religious hatred.

That the ruling, vastly wealthy, elite is predominantly Western, Caucasian, and misogynistic while the most direct threat to their centuries long rule is Asian and African dictates the nature of the conflict they are using to achieve their goals and protect their power. The desperate rush of support for white supremacists, Judeo-Christian terrorists, 19th century nationalism with all the themes of paranoid fascism is the result.

Religion, specially the Abrahamic variations and their Hindu cousins, have been dying for the last five hundred years. The mainstream religions had spent the last thousand years attempting to edit out the brutal hatred and ignorance at their institutional center. This was an attempt to focus on evolutionary ethics until it became obvious that we already had that and it was only corrupted by religion. There was simply not enough there to justify their continued exploitation of the poor and less educated for anyone with a conscious.

Eliminating all that was distorted and evil left nothing but ritual and the fundamental lie of some connection to ethics and morality. Evolutionary ethics, instinctive for most mammals and the basis of social structure, includes altruism, compassion, and respect for all similar life. That cannot be denied and held the remnants of Iron Age religions to that Golden Rule despite their actual interest in justifying the exact opposite.

All that is left now, that most people have quietly abandoned those traditional systems, is the ugly core stripped of all pretense in the hands of the reactionary, bigoted, and those committed to hatred. They ignore all but the justifying rituals that have always been used to prepare tribes for war. These reached their modern peak in 20th century totalitarian states with the vast, dramatic pageants and rallies of Nazi Germany and the parading of military power of the USSR.

This now survives in pariah states such as North Korea and as vestiges in the US with Trump’s stumblingly befuddled rallies of the lost and alienated. No rational communication is needed but only threats, shouting, and demands for chants of hatred for the others, whomever they are.

What once brought the buildup to temporary insanity, blood, slaughter, and destruction when released now brings only residual fear but mostly disgust at the pitiful parody for those who understand what this is about. The people involved don’t realize that they are naked to a world that understands that they represent nothing but fear of their own inadequacy to understand what we are becoming in this age of existential climate threat and technological promise.

The fact that the majority of this ruling elite, enthralled by medieval religious desire for ultimate power, has tied their wagon to a neofascistic movement lead by a delusional figurehead in the US, and other frantic dictatorial opportunists, should be the stuff of comic opera. That it isn’t is a result of the willful ignorance of both the perpetrators and the opportunists in this travesty. But, tragically, this comic display is a threat to our existence as we have so little time and such a huge challenge in reorganizing our planet for survival.

Studies have consistently shown that migrants are the key to a healthy and sustainable economy. Diversity is the key to creativity, innovation and social wellbeing. The ruling elite is denying economic improvement to achieve another, selfish, economic end.

We simply can’t wait for the inevitable collapse of the pretense and the brutal results of growing insanity and ignorance. If we survive in full control of the planet at the start of the 22nd century there will be time, perhaps, to find the comedy.

Right now it is a deadly pretense by the reactionary elite inciting the declining white population still prone to the old delusions and angry that they never received the plunder they were due. A deadly combination of paranoia, greed, and ignorance that no longer has a place on this planet if we are to thrive or even survive.

*Thanks to Patrice Kamins for a different metaphysical view of this.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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