The house of cards begins to fall

It’s like bankruptcy, there’s still lots of money, still lots of time, OMG it’s all gone!

People all across the political line seem to have suddenly stumbled on an impossible to deny indicator of Trump’s insanity. Different things for different folks and the realization comes that the sucker is bug fuck crazy and has been all along. The inescapable snare seems to be not Trump’s mental incapacity, that’s been on display in full, world glare for a year, but that hiding it makes everyone complicit.

You can see it their eyes. Shit, when this sucker is taken away what do I say? My god, I’m going to do down with this orange turd and the sleazy scum that surround him. I’m as stupid as his kids! The media have been pumping this thing up and playing us all for fools. This thing is going to blow and there’s nowhere to hide, damn. Holy shit how’d I get in to this?

One breaks and they all run. Yeah, Bannon is a scary piece of shit but he was in the middle of it. Even if half is made up and no one has been able to point to something that was clearly fake, distorted but not fake. We all know it’s at least mostly true. And most of it is supported by multiple sources including everyone who has watched daily news for the last, horrible year.

Whatever you say about Bannon, he knows the language. When he said, “Mueller will crack Trump Jr. like an egg . . .” the vision of that was personalized by every pandering sharp guy who thought he could play this for his own benefit. And that vision will not go away. We can all see the truth of that like the sun in the sky. The whole Trump show and the US government with it is going to be nothing but an ugly mess on the floor. Unless you want to be part of that ugly mess on the floor, it’s time to get some serious distance no matter how hopeless. The pretense has disappeared like a dawn fog.

I still feel a little bit sorry for Huckabee. She’s going to be left with that troubled look as if she can’t believe what she is hearing and it is her saying it. That is probably the final image of this absolutely crazy ending.

Now what happens?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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