The heat of the flames and missed opportunities

I don’t see much point in talking about Hilary Clinton at this stage of historical development. As I said in at least one article during the campaign, Hilary would have been much better, i.e. less dangerous, in the short term but with the same result in the longer term. My position was that Trump would trigger the destruction of the American empire and political system while Hilary would have presided over its slow, agonizing death. The choice was quick and potentially violent or slow and agonizing.

The distortions that have crippled the US and, to a somewhat lesser extent Great Britain, are the failure to evolve out of the antiquated capitalist system and the steady movement to authoritarian government. This has been required to maintain a military empire driven by hypercapitalism with a tiny oligarchic elite. That is just not natural in an open, urbanized, and fully internetworked planet without a rigid ideology, a strong military to protect continuous resource exploitation and provide jobs for the growing unemployables. Obviously this is an explosive situation that has been mediated in smaller and more advanced countries by distributing assets more equitably, no militarization, and, at least, maintaining a much higher level of services to citizens.

The mistake that was made over the previous eight years in the US was the failure of the Republican party to resurrect itself from the disaster of the Bush years. What that party should have done is dump the “social conservatives” who would have just hung around as a shrinking outcast set of racists and bigots, begun distancing themselves from the religionists, who also have no future, and lured the Clintons to switch parties.

A more radical effort would have been to get Obama to come across, also, to help build a diverse, financial, and free trade conservative party that could have created a new Eisenhower era. The Clinton school, of which Obama was a star, was always a traditionalist conservative, neoliberal, and mildly authoritarian political force dedicated to the broad principals of the 18th century US constitution. Hilary Clinton could have been the rejuvenating Republican president.

That did not happen. The Republican Party was already too corrupt and controlled by the worst elements of American society. It will now collapse in the Trumpian disaster that is already driving anyone with any sense of pride or hope of future respect out of the, soon to be flaming, wreckage of the Republican Party and the American political system. Paul Ryan bailing out may well start the stampede for the exits. Many Republican have already slipped away realizing that this is not going to end well.

But this really doesn’t matter because in the larger picture a Hilary led conservative resurgence would have only bought a few years and a slower death. The age of large nations, unsustainable economics, and indirect representative government is past. We are in a paradigm change that is producing virtual states, robotic workforces, full diversity, with technology finally enabling direct democracy while facing rising sea levels, climate disasters, and growing planetary migrations. The feudal “nationalists” will need to also be contained before they get too far out of hand.

A potential benefit of the Trump disaster is that people are seeing what that means. Despite the diehard haters and authoritarians that is not a workable choice.

When the forces of history, or more accurately changing perceptions of reality, shift the old is going to disappear. So don’t waste too much time thinking about the past at this point. As Henry Ford explained the reason he didn’t try to ask people what they wanted when designing the Model T, they would have said they wanted a faster horse. They didn’t realize what was possible.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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