The Future Must Be Much Simpler

The paradigmatic divide means the end of the old economy

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 16, 2019

There is a lot of good thinking out there in the dying days of 2019. There is also fear, tension, and complete mindlessness. For the majority of the postmodern world’s people this is amazement at how well we are surviving despite the accelerating disaster that has befallen our formal governmental systems.

We live in a time defined by and focused on diametrically opposed realities. Yet we, in the expanding post industrial regions, are struggling with a new kind of wealth and the dawning realization that the old kind of wealth is and must go away. That is terrifying to most as it is a complete denial of everything we have been taught in capitalist societies for the last hundred plus years.

Any one of the opposed realities would challenge our sanity but we have constantly bifurcating examples running concurrently at many levels of our awareness. Despite examples of massive stupidity and ignorance at high levels of government, has a lot right in describing our movement toward good and away from violence and evil. The good angels seem stronger than I expected and they may be saving us by slowly isolating the insane and opportunistic political leadership we, somehow, allowed to take control.

By all the worthless gods, something is right if we can see the collapse of the US Constitutional system to a RICO organization and the original British model withdraw into a racist hissy fit led by a man driven by, almost humorous, opportunism without falling into full feudal dictatorship and mass violence.

Of course, by all indications, world ending violence is possible any day now but something is holding the horrors back despite the best efforts of the people who have gained political power and control. Part of the salvation is that those people are incompetent and bouncing wildly between evil and comic buffoonery at such a rate that most everyone can’t keep up so are deciding to simply ignore them.

This may be the answer to the insanity we face. Publicly identify criminal, immoral, and ignorant actions by governmental officials, impeach them and maintain constant pressure. If they are removed, fine, but if not rinse and repeat but don’t do them the honor of taking them seriously and that goes for the sad individuals who have bought into their propaganda.

But there are large and growing groups that are not able to ignore the evil because it is directed at them, but people are trying hard to figure out how to prevent more abuses while keeping things under control. I’m certainly not saying those efforts are successful but they are definitely laudable. The good angels are giving their all to hold off the forces of racism, bigotry, ethnocentrism, and greed.

As always from now on the tipping point is the climate crisis and the good angels have fallen down on that. At least we know what we have to do if we can summon the collaborative magic to save the planet and much of its current life. This is the battle that will tell the tale and it will be several decades before we know if we can adapt and regain control of our planet’s climate but we already know that hope of prevention or even slowing the disaster is already lost.

That means the realization is dawning, on the our youngest generations that there is not a battle to prevent disaster but a long term challenge to find a way to live with what we have wrought. That is another widening bifurcation. The old, sadly, my generation, are still refusing to look at reality let alone admit that our fuckup is immense, unrepairable, and has killed the future we thought we would give our children and grandchildren.

But in all the diametrically opposed worlds that we are juggling the new paradigm is emerging and that says, wait for it, simplicity is what we need to do. Yes, we are completely dependent on technology but that must be simplified and made resilient to be effective in the brutal climate world we are entering. Thanks to my grandkids, some of whom are already professionals themselves, for letting me see across the great paradigmatic divide.

The embarrassing failure of as the lost leaders of the old paradigm indulged themselves for two week and then wandered off leaving some useless language behind, shows that no hope can be expected until fundamental economic changes are made. That is a major aspect of the simplification that is our future.

How much expensive technology is sold without a clear need? No one even asks that question in our current world. Technology is the key to wellbeing and equality but not when it is enslaved to capitalism and exploitation. We need to make solid and sustainable technology that works for the benefit of all on this planet.

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Simpler and more efficient: Tesla CybeTruck

I dare say that would make life much more enjoyable. How much of the technology on your phone do you actually use? Amd think about all the complexity that includes that confuses its operation.

That is what is coming and must arrive soon.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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