The future is here but we’ve buried it in bullshit. . .

Great! By talking about the future as an evolution of socialism you forced many people to see things they really don’t want to see. People in the US are angry and scared because they finally realized they’ve been lied to for fifty years. The majority have already been there and done that and have worked through the other side to the real anger, again in the US, that the system is totally rigged for the oligarchy and Bernie Sanders was blocked. While Sanders, as the only surviving politician with any status, offers exactly the democratic socialism the majority want he will never be allowed beyond his current status as a gadfly on the wall. But that is ok because we are moving on, not from wisdom certainly, but from necessity.

This shit is not simple yet many of the people in the US are simple. That is the crux of the problem. They shouldn’t be simple but forty years of propaganda, degradation of our educational systems, steady presentation of media lies designed to justify massive exploitation of people and our planet, have created two generations seriously challenged by reality. The result is an illegitimate, incompetent, neo fascist as president and a mindless desire for abuse and corruption. That is why we have an Orwellian minority who can only parrot demands for destruction of their own and their children’s lives. They have been taught to denounce knowledge and to react with near violent anger to keywords that they cannot explain. The majority of the responses to this article are from people caught in the grip of this past. While it is hard this calls for compassion and skilled mindfulness. The only good news is that, as you showed, this is passing quickly but probably not quickly enough.

We need to get beyond this as fast as we can. Just as most people understand that capitalism is failing and needs to be replaced, a century of conflict and confusion means we need to move to both a post-capitalist and post-socialist world. While capitalism has given us the concentrations of wealth to achieve unimagined standards of living among the minority and the near elimination of starvation for most it has devastated our planet and is predicated on unlimited greed. This is a structural failure that distorts societies, corrupts governments and produces the absurd concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny minority while the majority struggle for a meaningful life. The ultimate failure of capitalism is that it is completely unsustainable on one planet.

Socialism, as it has evolved in democratic form from its 19th century origins, is the most successful politico-economic structure for quality of life and control of capitalist and market abuses. This is clearly seen in any 21st century survey of nations particularly using newer criteria for overall quality of life. Nevertheless elements of capitalism have permeated all successful governments with unsustainable focus on endless materialism and acceptance of greed as a virtue. As a result I think that it is necessary to build new systems from lessons learned as we work to salvage our planet, correct the gross deformity of asset misallocation, and build opportunity for everyone to achieve wealth in a planetary economy built on intellect as value.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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