The Future American Nation

The election confirmed failure of the old but opened a way to the new

by Mike Meyer

It’s a terrible thing to be right. The reality of understanding what is happening and recognizing the inability of anyone to do anything about it is fundamentally tragic. The tragedy has moved up several notches on the American disaster index.

At the national punditry level giant arabesques are being sketched in the air. Success! Things are working as they should. Congress is beginning to change! Everything is OK as Trump can now be contained. The American structural dependency on white supremacy can continue to be ignored.

But will this change anything? Well, we shouldn’t expect too much. These things take time! Let’s start right now creating confusion for 2020. Be happy. The worst has not yet happened.

This is the disaster that I feared. A limited and nearly meaningless victory technically realigning the house of representatives in a legislative system that has been paralyzed for decades. At the same time the criminal fascists have tightened their control over the Senate and the sociopath who was elected illegally as a front man is still in office. The Supreme Court has been loaded so that dictatorship is now almost assured. No wonder Trump is crowing and boasting.

He is already almost untouchable. The Mueller investigation is about to be destroyed. Watch as the loose ends are tied up and the investigative threats crippled before they can be used by a naive and powerless House of Representatives.

Why can nothing change? The descent into racist demagoguery has petrified the cultural split in North America. The election has clearly widened the gap between the majority who are urban, diverse, and committed to honesty and the minority who have completely rejected everything but ignorance and oppression. This split now represent two nations that have lost all common elements and are separated by what once was a common language.

Lies are truth and truths are lies unless they fit the great leader’s current delusion. And he can have only one at a time. More is well beyond his limited grasp of reality. And his followers have been promised blood.

These two worlds will separate or violence will destroy them both.

But what about the transformation of the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives? That is the promise of a new nation after this one is laid to rest.

What we have before us is what should have been encouraged and nourished over the last forty years. I remember the potential that we struggled to maintain in the face of a brutal war, the years of effort to close down racism in America, the early rise of women to equality in the 1970s. The cultural diseases were too severe and exhausted everyone. Easier to go with the lie that everything was finished and ignore the forces of repression that worked for years to gain control.

They succeeded. Reagan planted the seed of self hate. We must not trust ourselves and must destroy our own government. Only old white men can guide us to fortune. Every early victory was slowly hollowed out until it was a mere facade waiting to collapse. They played the long game to prevent any changes. We believed the illusion that it was all OK.

The forces of fascism and oppression knew their time was finally running out as the world began to change very quickly. They bet it all on outrage and an aging and hateful population who spent their lives in the permanent delusion of American Exceptionalism. Others have followed the same script but with limited success in small, struggling countries.

The followers of this dangerous delusion are a clear minority but they are true believers in the grip of the totally immoral. Ethically we cannot deny them the right to believe but we must deny the right to act against others. They don’t need to be crushed they need only be isolated and left to the results of their delusions.

They were never meant to receive anything. They were only meant to be used and rage at everyone but their own kind. But the think some wondrous reward will be theirs if they hate and rage as required.

The only sane and moral action is to allow them to have their desire and wait for them to die. That is their future.

We have the solid beginning for a new legislative system dedicated to equity and respect. Very soon it will be obvious that we must sort this out and draw the lines to protect the many from those who have accepted greed and hatred as virtues while their leaders fill their pockets. We cannot judge.

Nor can we allow ourselves to be destroyed to maintain a unity that is an illusion. Newly empowered feminine and multi-ethnic leaders and a dynamic and culturally diverse nation is about to emerge from the old. For the first time in fifty years the new leadership has begun to reflect the actual population and ideals. These are the first valid leaders.

Evolution is the most powerful force in this universe. We must accept that and face our future fearlessly.

The future North American nation is almost here.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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