The Futile Quest for Normalcy

When normal no longer exists

by Mike Meyer

Insanity is rising as chaos spreads. Rationality is an endangered species and hope is disappearing fast. Who could have possibly imagined the deadly disasters of the climate crisis? Well, they were scientifically predicted but what does that mean?

Obviously nothing as we have been told for years. All of the famous liars declared it all to be lies and since all they know are lies they must be right. Right? But things are just not going well.

Trump seems to have found a map of Dorian’s path that includes Alabama, somehow, and that is now an issue in America. it has nothing to do with what is happening or will happen but the ravings of mental case are all that we have so they must be pondered, repeated, found baseless and discussed some more. We live on ravings of a coterie of idiots who have stumbled into positions of authority for no good reason that anyone can identify.

But that is all we can talk about because the other stuff is too scary and no one wants to face that. Obviously we need to get very serious about making some sense out of this. That is, unfortunately, not something that anyone wants to bet on so we are back to arguing about why Trump has an Atlantic hurricane map that includes Alabama.

The only positive note in a growing list of endlessly bad shit is that Boris Johnson is on his way to being the shortest prime minister in history except for one temporary term in the 19th century. We don’t want Boris to come to a bad end, well, yes we do, but that should be that in two weeks no one will remember him. Boris? Which Boris? BREXIT? Which BREXIT?

At least Macron scored on the other neofascist asshole Bolsonaro who thought that burning the Amazon to the ground was fun. These people only understand money and if they are going to lose a bunch they change their minds. Of course that makes them both criminal and irrational when you are dealing with the survival of the planet and our species, but what else is new?

The US is behind this week, did we have a mass shooting? Does a boat burning with 34 people dead because the exits on the boat were blocked count? It wasn’t a shooting but pretty much the same effect.

Wait, didn’t some guy shoot a bunch of people in Texas, again? Was that this week or last? I’m losing track. This is important as we need a major mass murder every week or the Republican Party will not get their weekly donation from the NRA. We need more crazy white boys with assault rifles. They do tend to die in the process so it is important to keep the supply coming.

Since it is not clear that Dorian is going to hit Alabama, even if Trump says it will, maybe they can arrange a mass shooting there before the weekend to keep things on track.

At least the ‘thoughts and prayers’ thing has died down. So many people were getting so upset with that bullshit that they are about to start, well, shooting people.

Funny how we keep coming back to the same place. Maybe there is a major black hole in the middle of the country somewhere that keeps drawing us all in? The event horizon could be what is making everyone seem crazy.

I think I heard that the Trump folks had second thoughts about deporting sick children so they could go back to where they came from to die. That definitely was missing any warm and fuzzy feeling although the racist Trump stooges were eating it up. Of course Trump only lies so who knows what is happening.

The media are still worried about Trump’s strange hurricane map so no time for sick kids. What’s important is the Democratic presidential debate or is that already over? Did I miss it? Does it matter?

The really bizarre thing is the intense effort being universally maintained that the 2020 election is a real thing and not just the usual authoritarian show. Trump keeps shooting off his mouth about being president for life, just as Putin promised him, but no one will pay any attention until the Supreme court rules that Trump is the winner in the contested election. What’s a few million votes when the SCOTUS knows the rules?

This is the quest for normalcy which is not a word but it still works. Normalcy is not normal but it is a version of reality for those who don’t want to look too closely. If you keep saying normal things really fast and everyone pretends really hard then the concentration camps are not really concentration camps and Trump is not an insane, gibbering idiot. That’s normalcy.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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