The forces at play care nothing for abstract financial formulations

As the Dutch originally learned as the creators of capitalism 400 year ago, predictions are always risky, particularly if the future is involved.

It is obvious to almost anyone that the 'market' is completely disconnected from reality. The entangled complexity of Climate Crisis and related pandemics with the political collapse of the US and GB does not justify betting on anything not tangible or directly related to what must be done to survive.

How long the massive Ponzi scheme can continue is not the primary issue. The relatively small percentage of people making fortunes by leveraging abstract formulations of value puts them in fantasy land. This is a form of virtual reality that requires only enough players and an agreed definition of ‘reality’ to justify their actions within their ‘reality’.

Read Piketty on Capital and Ideology on the distortions of value and Fisher’s Capitalist Realism and the errors of that paradigm become very clear.

Whether the market collapses in an apocalyptical crash or simply spins on until all the players disappear does not matter. Chaos is the home of opportunists but it is an insanity inducing addiction with a very bad end when reality is moving to a post-human form.

In that sense I think, as one responder noted, an earlier prediction of a ‘dead cat bounce’ is still accurate. This is a huge dead cat with an equivalent bounce and the financial fleas on the cat are not good predictors of when that carcass will finally come to rest.

But this is an academic argument as planetary reality dictates that this game must end very soon. If it doesn’t stop it will need to be killed.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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