The establishment of qualification criteria in a hierarchy of voting rights is difficult although we accept that as fully justified and understandable in all other human institutions. That is why I used the term certification as that is a post education criteria for assigning responsibility.

In my areas of specialization certification by equipment and/or skill is more important than formal education. Training programs are openly available and boot camps for rapid learning can speed things up. Traditional education is, we keep being reminded, class based and racist by structure. So the right to vote on regional on up to planetary policies must have certification. That can all be worked out with local government fully open to all residents.

The complexity of policies is a major factor with the current political representatives often selected for their ignorance and/or willingness to do what they are told or are paid to do. The end product of research and proposed policies should be a plain language succinct summary for the final highest level voting.

Traditionally the process is dominated by special interest groups who create a policy to achieve their goals that are rarely oriented toward public universal goals. They produce the summaries and then sell them to representatives who have, at best, only a vague idea of what is being done or the real goals.

Using certification standards for voters means that the smaller, certificated group would be involved from the beginning (and may well be the source of policy proposal). The goal would be fully transparency of the goals, objectives, beneficiaries, and implications for each policy moving through the public system.

Openly harmful policies for reasons of greed, prejudice, partisan values, or failure to meet climate change requirements should be killed off in early, detailed level voting by citizens with the skills to evaluate and understand what is happening. Obviously this lead to virtual communities of citizens in a wide range of areas with expertise to actually take positions and vote on them.

These certified voter groups would, obviously, become interest groups with developed agendas. They could be bribed and corrupted but they would be unable to hide backroom deals and would be called out by other certified voter groups with different agendas. The key is that this must be fully transparent and not controlled by corporations or private interest groups.

But, you are right, my projection is that this will end being done, and may only work, with AI handling policy creation. That would allow the certified voters to develop into the auditors of the AI administrators.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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