The essential problem is reduction of noise. As a number of people have noted network size results in memification of transmissions reducing information to a series of stylized ‘hat tips’. Increased frequency and bandwidth begins to recapture and enhance the original promise of shared experience and enriched meaning but noise is a direct result of of our conflicting value system. That is also touched on in this excellent article noting the change in value from quantity of things to shared quality or at least that is my interpretation of that one reference. The problem is that this is not just simple evolution but the beginning skirmishes in, I’m afraid, a brutal religious war.

We’re eyeball deep in this already but that only means that the stress of tectonic paradigm shifting is producing fractures in more and more parts of our archetypal structure. This causes panic as things that shouldn’t happen do happen because elements of the social logic have failed. Panic will also be created because the distance between the head of this change and its tail will grow. The great majority of our population is still struggling to put social media in 20th century perspective. If the transition to the hive mind continues to deliver improved communication and heightened collaboration (if it is truly the route to new social interaction and a new, successful social architecture) the breakdown of older communication forms will cause greater confusion and panic. This becomes religious war when the oligarchy realizes their careful definition of value as always more cannot monetize the hive mind and calls out their religionist cohort to denounce the new satan. I think we are seeing this already . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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