The essence of this is valid. The future can no longer be imagined so all political positions are conservative holding on to now or fully reactionary desperately offering mindless loyalty for protection and a share of whatever loot may be stolen.

The crude success of capitalism and its conquest of the human concept of infinity via material growth and consumption left the future empty. Capitalist Realism is what is left and we cannot escape. Planetary death for our and most other species is the consummation of infinite consumption. This train has no other stops.

I can see the lure of hallucinogens to break the lock of this reality. We tried to do that before. I’m afraid that is not strong enough now and the shortcut to a new universe via acid or others will just not work.

There is hope but it is hard and requires the mental reconstruction of a new quantum mechanical universe at the personal human level. This will force abandonment of a significant portion of our population who will not make the change. We’re seeing that erupt now in late stage capitalist states with no future as diversity expands.

The next emergence I think will be the new vital materialism. Everything in our universe is vital and, to some degree, an agent of action. That was suppressed to achieve specific physical knowledge four hundred years ago. Now we need to add that back in.

We are not separate beings but much more tenuous and immersed in a continuously collapsing wave of alternative realities. Our ability to see connections and multiple paths makes us critically responsible.

We exist in order to create a higher order future. It doesn’t take much to see that as unimaginable world for people locked in racism and antiquated realties. To these people mere diversity is a threat but most of us are beginning to internalize the multiverse.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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