The essence of the situation is well described here. I would suggest that fascist collapse follows a ballistic trajectory. This is launched by stagnation, anger, and fear fueled by ignorance. When no functional response appears that corrects the underlying problems or even attempts to explain them demagoguery appears to fill the knowledge vacuum. This ignites a percentage of the population who power the opportunistic demagogue.

The end is obvious but that does not affect the mindless trajectory. This is not an intelligent device as a ballistic missile’s end point is set at its launch.

Because of this metaphorical similarity to a ballistic launch the millions of words denying that this can happen and the millions more suggesting that the trajectory will somehow magically change are pointless. There is no process of discussion or modification of the path this process will follow. Trump, in our case, is a mindless bomb powered by things in the past. He and his followers have no idea where they are going but they will explode with terrible kinetic energy when they get there.

The only option is to use great force and very careful aim to blow the mindless missile off of its trajectory. This will not lessen the destructive force but it can divert the damage to reduce human destruction and collateral damage.

The analogy is only partially accurate but it means great force, judiciously applied is the only option. A counter missile, not a discussion or a vote, is needed now. Ironically the detonation point is America. The rest of the planet is potential collateral damage. Only we can save ourselves and prevent more planetary damage.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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