The entire Trump aberration has been living on smoke, mirrors, and Russian propaganda for three years. The people supporting Trump, that matter, are billionaires trying to get the last ounce of blood from a massively inflated ‘market’.

These people want things to go on forever whatever the cost to the rest of us and to life on this planet, for that matter. They are the ‘screw you all’ people. The rest of Trump’s followers are losers with an ingrained fear of everything outside of Dunkin Donuts, or just Dunkin, now. They are living on debt and hoping for a miracle.

Unfortunately they are the folks who borrow money and go to Las Vegas to build their retirement. Life keeps taking wrong turns for them. It’s all a bad surprise and somebody else’s’ fault.

Having watched the market for fifty years, also, we are at the point where there is little but automated systems programmed by the pathologically greedy buy in and selling to push the number higher. About every ten or twelve years they become convinced of the absolute truth of their own bullshit and then miss something obvious. Panic results and then, when it doesn’t fix itself, the demands for a bailout because they are all too big to fail fill the air.

Who knew it was going to go bust? That has never happened before.

We are facing growing climate disasters, with no end in sight, and an impending pandemic. In those conditions people do not buy unnecessary things. Our vaunted economy is built totally on people buying endless unnecessary things. The billionaires can only buy so many yachts.

People who have suddenly realized that the jig may just be up are going to be really focused on survival and not another $50k pickup truck on credit. I think I’m feeling sick . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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