The End Game More or Less . . .

As my policy is to respond to comments if at all possible, I’ll respond to this although I doubt it will help. I need to note that you appear to have some problem with concepts such as fascism. I suggest looking it up the next time you feel the urge to use the term. This helps to avoid confusion so that you are not mistaken for a fascist yourself as hinted at by an “impoverished vocabulary”. Without being too picky the term means dictatorial, nationalistic rule denying all elements of representational government while predicated on glorification of power, in its crudest form, symbolized by oppression of the weak or anything other than the arbitrarily selected norm. This has also been often connected with close support of corporatist elites. Hmm, I wonder if that resembles anyone we know today? For a little better understanding of this I strongly suggest reading Umberto Eco’s Ur-Fascism. Incidentally this was written in 1955 so, no, it wasn’t cobbled together by intellectuals to attack the great orange leader. I can already hear Kellyanne Conway making that claim. Rich irony.

But you did make a statement that I thought warranted a response. I was attempted to address the “cloth of decency” but I prefer to leave other people’s loin cloths alone. It is definitely valid to ask what the “end game” is, as you put it, and I will attempt to be succinct.

We don’t know exactly. What we do know is that both capitalism and the form of semi-representational democracy as it has evolved in this country and Europe has failed. The current electoral disaster is a clear indication of both failures. Neoliberalism, which is a conservative economic system, has shown the success of market economics and trade but at the expense of the majority of the population in almost every country where it has been adopted. The structural problem is that capitalism runs on greed and greed knows no limits and success is defined as elimination of competition. The result of unfettered capitalism is giant monopolies and an impoverished population with a very small, super wealthy elite. That may sound familiar.

The short term answer is usually democratic socialism to put controls in the hands of the people. That works but is probably no longer appropriate because it still runs on an economy driven by forced labor for wages. That is being rapidly automated away. Damn, that also sounds familiar. The elements of the new economy are already obvious and include Basic Universal Income using the profits (dividends) gained from the planetary economy (individual taxes don’t work anymore), a new encrypted and decentralized currency (block chain), and direct producer to consumer sales automated with online micropayment architecture. This could be called individual market sovereignty. All of these elements will play a role once the idiots have been gotten out of the way.

Politically we are past the age of “nation states”. I recommend looking that up also. The problems are also structural here because our planetary situation is just too complicated for people to understand. And I don’t mean some of the people I mean all of us. We need to retire ourselves to the board of directors and turn the operations over to our AI systems as they evolve. And I do mean “evolve”. In the interim we need to stop the nationalistic bullshit and work out how to open up everything so people can migrate around and get through the flooding and environmental disaster that we have brought on ourselves with human generated climate change. Canada seems to be an emerging model. People need to vote directly on those things they can understand (that’s all they care about anyway) and not be able to shit on other people because they feel like it. This could be called individual political sovereignty. Lot’s of work needs to be done to get these end points. There is a whole bunch more that has to do with morality and general spiritual consciousness but that seems to be moving in the right direction for millennials already. Again, we just need to control the idiots and bigots who are still tangled up in neolithic mythology.

Ok, there’s an end game, such as it is possible today in two paragraphs. Show me a better option.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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