The Donny and Rudy Show

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by Mike Meyer

We are overwhelmed by the mentally dysfunctional. This is the price you pay for pretending that the crazy shits who scammed their way to power are, somehow, normal. Let this be a lesson. Don’t let your pride get in the way of cleaning up your own mess.

Yes, Donald Trump is well known as a low grade criminal, racist asshole, etc. and has been known for that for the last thirty years. No one cared. Besides he succeeded in being bankrupt multiple times so no worry. We should have kept it at that.

No, through a series of scams and various illicit programs he became president. For three years everyone pretended that this was normal. Actually the majority of the people in the country knew this guy was a scheming wacko. The shock was that about 40% of the people lined up to be swindled. That was too big to deal with. Maybe there is something here we didn’t see?

Once a large society starts down a path of self delusion the inertia can be deadly. Hence the current situation as we face end of our national road. Not in a glory but in squalor. All because we didn’t want to admit that a big portion of our population are dysfunctional. Not wanting to admit that meant pretending that crazy people were normal. Oh, that’s how this thing started.

I thought there was a well understood bit of advice to not let crazy people run things? Seems like a fundamental piece of experience that it doesn’t end well if you allow that to happen. This seems to be a wicked case of believing your own bullshit and that really doesn’t end well.

Trump is just as stupid as he is bigoted and narcissistic. I mean, really, we all know what a schoolyard bully looks and acts like. What did you expect? Trump with a Nobel Peace Prize?

What we took three years to get through was the shock of how many suckers there actually are in this country. We all like to think that it should be only about 10%, right? After all we can all live with 10% of the population being noticeably crazy. But 40% is a bit much. Our pride was badly, I say badly, bruised. So we decided to pretend it didn’t happen.

Maybe they will get over it? No. P.T. Barnum knew the reality. There’s a sucker born every minute but that was a century ago. The number now, we know based on the Trump supporters, that there are three born every minute in the US. Ok, we just have to live with that.

But this shit is catching. Has anyone bothered to look at this Rudy Giuliani guy? I remember when he was mayor of New York way back when. He seemed normal then or as normal as anyone who ends up being mayor of New York.

No one seems to want to talk about it but this guy has been bug fuck crazy for some years. The media covers this guy as if he were normal. That is a really bad sign. I’m not sure how that happened.

We know Trump is wacko and delusional, particularly at night. He seems to think that Rudy is sane as he calls him his attorney, so right there is a clue. If one, well known, crazy dip shit thinks someone is normal you need to be very suspicious. That is not a reliable source as Trump thinks he actually is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize and is brilliant when he isn’t trying to buy Greenland.

So Rudy was in on the scheme to pressure the new president of the Ukraine to indict Joe Biden or his son for something so Trump could squeal and win reelection in 2020. Am I the only one who sees this a really bad idea for a sitting (however crookedly) president of the US? And Rudy was all in on this scheme?

Someone should tell Rudy to get some help. I know he was married about eighteen times but doesn’t he have any family? The guy should not be out on the street without supervision. And Trump is busy blaming everyone else and threatening to have whomever squealed on this stupid scheme shot when Rudy has spent months stumbling all over the media making up pieces of this story and talking about how smart he is for doing it? I know this was known.

Trumpy, old boy, your attorney is crazy as you are and not a good guy to have go do secret negotiations. And, by the way, I thought threatening to have someone executed for outing your scam was an old fashioned crime. We don’t need crimes to impeach a bozo who is president but once your done with that your going to be on a fast train to the big house.

When they fall these things fall hard and fast. Suddenly everything turns to shit. Teflon Trump now can’t even begin to scrape the shit off. Does anyone know where Rudy went?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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