The Dinosaurs and the Young Woman

The saga at the end of time, Davos 2020

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ January 21, 2020

The chasm grows wider by the day. On one side, we have dinosaurs still unaware that they are dead and on the other, Greta Thunberg. The dinosaurs, in angry denial of reality, are being goaded into a lumbering run by the wit and intelligence of a young woman who will not leave them alone.

The dinosaurs, of course, are the rulers and so powerful no one can stop them. But they are picking up speed toward the cliff edge just as Greta intends.

It’s the story of the generations but amplified by a planetary disaster. Even some of the dinosaurs know things are not going where they thought. Because of that, they allow the most befuddled and ignorant to take the lead, trumpeting, and bellowing.

But even the ones that know are caught and unable to turn around. There is only a narrow ridge that reaches the future, and it is not for dinosaurs. It is for the observant and scientifically aware.

This is the time for the punctuated equilibrium of fast evolution. The dominant dinosaurs have destroyed their world and will not survive. If any of us are to survive, we need to re-evaluate everything we know and everything we do.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the desperate maneuvering of criminals determined to avoid paying for their stupidity performs in a theater of the absurd before an amazed audience. Is there no lie so blatant, no crime so evident that it can’t be denied? The absence of shame is their flag of odious pride.

But it has always been this way, they all agree. There has always been only greed and willful ignorance. There has never been knowledge, but only lies and the best liar wins. Their churches have always taught this. We are all liars, so you must believe us.

While the dinosaurs thunder across the plain to the cliff edge, the criminals destroy and then bury all words that once held honor. They take pride in widespread disgust and sneer at anything not stolen. Is this a road to survival?

No. This is not even a mistake. It is so wrong that it is an absolute absence. These people are erasing themselves and are trying to delete all of us around them.

Then what? Greta manages to smile.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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