The decibel level of squeeling from the Trump regime will soon drown out everything else. Why did NYT run a story such as this with no support for what seems to be a throw away line? Very much like all other American media they are corrupt and always willing to pander to the current regime even one as criminal and repulsive as the Trump train wreck.

This is the primary reason I do not use American media as a primary source for anything related to the collapse of the country. Those folks are a major part of the problem.

In terms of attacks on Mueller, this has always been a huge amount of weight on one federal prosecutor to nail a regime and the entire federal political system. That system’s collapse is of a magnitude that it is nearly absurd to expect one special prosecutor with limited power to fix things.

I’m fairly certain, along with most everyone else, that Trump is a corrupt criminal, owned by Russian oligarchs and a range of other people we probably will never know. Everything that has been identified (and violently denied) has proven to be as expected. This has resulted in Trump’s worsening dementia with confusion and incomprehensible diatribes admitting to things he should never had said.

The force behind Trump needs to get everything they can get because they want it to survive the slide into climate violence. I think is is even odds if they can be stopped. Mueller is the last hope but only if there are enough people to launch an internal revolution.

I think he is caught in the horrible realization that whatever the facts the destruction is so extensive as to be irreparable at a national level. Our hope will need to be at the planetary level. China may save us all but there will be a price and a very, very different world that results from that salvation. America no longer represents the future. We have destroyed what we thought we stood for.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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