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Imagining Planetary Regions for Direct Democracy

The day they took Trump away

he end began where the end usually begins and that is at the beginning. The whole thing was doomed from the first intimation of a presidential run. The joke was so old that no one even laughed anymore. The political folks who were able to make an hereditary presence in the appropriate events and were well practiced in polite small talk with billionaires of any type still managed to chuckle and nod. But there was nothing serious in the appropriately pleasant noises that they made acting as signifiers of openness to money in, almost, any form. The politeness would be curt when a potential contributor was beginning to act like a competitor.

The Trump fortune was adequate to have a standing seat or at least a place to stand at the money events but had acquired too many rumors and too many bankruptcies, and too many empty luxury condos filling with Russian money to be taken directly. Helpers could take the money carefully and check to see that it was not too dirty. But all is good in the endless flow of this for that. But then the Trump rode down an escalator in a hotel with his name on it and stepped off at the entrance to hell. The media were too busy trying not to laugh and didn’t feel the tremors in the foundation of America. No one remembers what he said but it almost certainly was a lie. But no one noticed and the pattern was set. Nothing would ever be said. Mouth noises would be made but only to mask the various dog whistles that the Trump had struggled to learn. It is, after all, hard to say anything when you have nothing to say and are busy dog whistling in all major keys.

Looking back we can see the signs of imminent disaster. How could he jump on the Republican train already speeding well past it’s design limits, the 19th century steam locomotive roaring with fire belching from its rusty boiler as a jury rigged conveyor fed bodies into the furnace. Primary candidates were stacked, still jerking, waiting to be fed to the engine as the Republican congressional representatives screamed for more and squirted blood on the wheels. The only people who wanted to ride that train were already close to death and drunk with all the things that they had been denied by the very hatred that was their ticket to board.

rump, descended the escalator to hell while the media hid their laughter, then left them hanging. His big trick was waiting in the back of his hotel and he strapped himself into a very handy and totally free Russian rocket, provided by his dear friend Vladimir Putin whom he had once remembered being told he had met. No strings attached and no worries. What great friendship. And the rocket dropped the Trump on the engineer’s platform of the roaring Republican train just as the last body was fed to the fire. What a wonderful symbol of greatness for the Trump to crown his career as the most frightening billionaire by straddling the screaming Republican steam locomotive powerfully commanding it to do what it had always done. How could he lose? Vladimir had promised the rocket would be back to pluck him from the exploding Republican disaster as the incredibly scary Hilary woman blew them all to hell. His place in the international billionaire’s club would finally be his. The final acceptance and the dream to disappear into the real billionaire’s club so elite as to be almost mythical. But they must have incredible amounts of pussy to grab. He could dip his wick wherever he wanted and no one would be allowed to know. That woman he married could stay in her penthouse staring out the window at central park never to freeze him again with the flick of hand. To hell with her.

ut something went wrong. Desperate meetings and phone conversations. The damn Russian ambassador had promised just what he wanted. A gift from Vlad simply recognizing their shared greatness. But now the script had changed. A bit more work was needed to gain admission. The messages came through. It has cost a lot to arrange this surprise and the rocket was needed for other business. Not much was needed. Just a little time and pretending to do the work, whatever he felt like doing as president.

In quick, frantic, whispered conversations behind the curtains, what do I do? You got to tell me what to do and I didn’t agree to this. It was supposed to be a huge, really huge media coup, with all the money from speaking contracts when I felt like it. But, Donald, you ran up a big bill and I saved you. I just need some favors to help me through. When the time is right, I’ll let you know. The word will come through the people you trust. My family, you mean? Yes, Donald, you will know and we will make sure those things that no one should know will stay that way, unknown. Just do your best. You’re great, you can do anything. But, shit I didn’t sign up for this. You were doing this as my friend. But you can make all that stuff go away, right? Right, Donald. Trust me.

The descent to hell was just beginning. The rockets were all going to other places. When would he be free? The months went by and crazy things were happening. Why were they shouting at him for playing golf all the time. That is just what he did. The assholes were supposed to worship him. But the damn rallies were not what he was supposed to be doing. What the hell was he supposed to be doing? And the crazy shit in North Korea. I can’t even understand the guy. He’s nothing. I tried to fire him and he launched a damn missile that could come here? And they keep telling me don’t try anything because no one will do what you say. How can that be? I’m supposed to be fucking god. . . Why doesn’t Putin take care of this Mueller thing. He told me not to worry. There’s nothing that they could find but these damn lawyers keep telling me scary shit and I just want to fire them but the kids say I can’t and to be extra careful. They don’t want to go the way Flynn went. And now these damn Republicans over in Congress are crazy fucks. Their playing their own game and it gets crazier and crazier but I got to pretend to like them but the only thing they do is piss people off and then everyone says it’s my fault. Their laughing behind my back. Screw ‘em.

Spring came really early in ’18. It was really, really cold and then warm and warmer and the flowers bloomed. Storms were beginning to get scary again and a total, freak storm destroyed Mar a Lago. Just blew it away and lots of people with it. And the skyrocketing costs to Medicare and the cuts to Social Security were creating lines for cat food with Trump’s trusted folks increasingly in those lines. Some of them remembered their grandparents eating cat food in the great inflation back in the ’70s. They quit listening to Fox News.

ueller dropped the hammer in March. Suddenly there was no one left but Trump. So he flew to Ireland to get some golf and lord it over his staff who had to listen to what he said. But they wouldn’t let him in. The queen made sure to tell everyone he wasn’t invited. He panicked and ordered Air Force One to fly to Moscow but they wouldn’t do it so he called Putin but Putin said, It isn’t time. We’ll tell you when it is time. So he went back to the White House but they had trouble getting through the crowds that seemed to have no end. And they were screaming is name but he didn’t like their look.

Then Twitter shutdown his account and he had no way to tell the assholes want he really knew. He spent the days screaming at the TV because it was showing only the pictures of a half empty Congress as the Republican leadership suddenly all resigned. No one knew why. It was a conspiracy. And no one even mentioned his name except to laugh. He ran screaming into the Oval Office but somehow, he couldn’t believe his eyes, Barrack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and, even Jimmy Carter were sitting, with the oldest Bush somehow on the TV watching and all there waiting for him. They told him what he needed to do and gave him the paper to sign. He said he had to go to the bathroom really bad and they let him. He tried calling the special number that Vlad had given him but no one answered. So he stayed on the toilet. They couldn’t hurt him there on his special, gold toilet. George W. came in and tried to talk him out of the stall. They said they wouldn’t hurt him. Bullshit. He demanded two Big Mac’s and four Filet o‘ Fish as proof but the guys who came didn’t have any food and they took him away.

hat’s how the change came to be made defining the presidency as the Office of the Presidents with biannual elections of the First President with Office of the Retired Presidents, for when they wanted to retire from the main office, responsible for Ethics of Government and the Court of Appeals for any public office candidate who failed to meet the intelligence and educational standards. The redefinition of Congress’s House of Representatives as all citizens or annual proxies took some time as the technology for continuous access to all official data and the confirmation of identity was a complete reversal of the past. The responsibility of citizenship required active voting on Primary Issues under significant penalty unless inability could be claimed. The consolidation of Machine Learning for coordination of data on all administrative decisions made this workable as the options were transparent and logical. The Primary Issues were therefore only called when significant human interests or special cultural or ethnic conditions were involved complicating normal administration of rights and services. And, of course, that was much simplified by the primacy of the full rights of self aware beings limiting decisions to adjustment of resource allocation for all at a planetary level. Most all decisions have come to be made at regional metropolitan levels allowing for tweeks to ethnic and local tradition not determined by the Rights of All Beings.

nd that, boys and girls is how we came to focus on climate management, with only the loss of Bangladesh, some Pacific Island states, part of the Mideast and American Midwest, and the elimination of waste and misallocation of resources that guarantees us all a reasonable life in the California Alliance and all the other Alliances. It was really close and we could have lost everything if we couldn’t stop the crazies from stealing control in a collapsing system. The Trump actually existed and did most of what is commonly remembered, amazing as that may seem. Under our rules now someone with that capacity as well as clearly diagnosed personality disorders would not be able to hold any management position. But back in those days common sense had failed and appallingly ill informed and emotionally dangerous people gravitated to political positions to fill their distorted needs. Now we worry about difficult Machine Learning Algorithms but those are at least understandable by our internal logical proof requirements for ML self management and audit control. That’s a lot different than human emotional irrationality. We’ve come a long way.

But we know this just opened up our current problems with demands for full citizenship for all self driving cars being refused by our aquatic citizens in the Great Hawaiian Archipelago. I understand the Grey Whales, however, may side with the Lyft Alliance to give the wheeled ones their big break. The question is, who’s next?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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