The danger is not acting or in allowing this to play out as it would. What are the protections other than the most senior elected people that we have? Trump is the instigator with no concern for protections.

The analogy to Hitler is Trump. The history is very different because Trump already has the power as people seem to be just beginning to realize. He is spinning out of control by the day and doing whatever comes to mind. That gives us the problem of his fascination and faith in Putin. We do not know what he has promised Putin already. It seems amazingly possible that Trump would ask for Russian military help. I don’t think Putin would do that but how things would blow up from there I have no idea. That is a major part of the problem. We have already lost control to the extent that I don’t know what is left.

This is really just a call to begin to prepare for what can be done. I’m trying to play this as realpolitik because we do not have the luxury of deferring to tradition. So, no this is not like how Hitler came to power. My use of living ex-presidents is the only vestige of democratic form that I can see.

Under Nixon we were nowhere near this type of disaster. He would never have given the nation to the Russians but I have no confidence that Trump won’t try that. And we still had a legitimate Republican Party and Congress that was responsible to the ideals. That is what saved this country then.

The brutal difference is that there are a few Republican members of Congress that would act and are beginning to express concern but the majority see it only a means of locking in power. Trump knows that and that is exactly the one game he knows how to play. Nothing matters but power and with power you make the problems and stupid actions all disappear. Or, if you are stupid as Trump you think that will work.

The Republican Party is now so corrupt that there is no one willing to say stop. The Democrats are only slightly better as they have not added from the depths of ignorance and bigotry that the republican party has done but are totally gutless, again, with a few exceptions. But we don’t need politicians in this situation but “retired emperors” who can avoid being pulled down. They would keep each other honest as a team.

I know too much history to do more than suggest actions that may be needed and a way to salvage time to rebuild. Ex-presidents, even with the fifth one in his very last days are all still committed to America. Perhaps too committed but that really isn’t an issue now. And they can soothe the international fear with, perhaps, some slight hope for regaining some credibility.

I see no other way to do this with any hope of avoiding a full civil war or, at least, regional breakup.

While I haven’t said it here, there is a slight chance that Trump can be stopped in November but that is a long shot. Too many states have been so corrupted to grab and hold power without regard for the people, plus the ‘demographics’ that simply indicate the iron grip of power. With Russian GRU units already at work and an unknown agreement or agreements between Putin and Trump the only thing that will save us is a clear landslide against Trump and his henchmen. Most of the country, I think, will not believe an election that doesn’t clearly change this situation.

And that is the point at which things go south. The lock on power will be complete and permanent. And that is a very narrow window. If we could act now it would be better but people will wait for the election and hope. If the hope dies . . . That’s what we need to have answers and a rational, balanced and neutral plan to handle.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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