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This doesn’t look like Virginia. . .

The creeping feeling of being totally lost

Shit, this is not where we were going

I’m tired of brutal realities and even more tired of the deadening oppression of yet another senseless incremental disaster. We know where this is going because we have seen it in our past. The media grasping at small signs of positive action, or even applauding a short period without new extremes of ugliness, are held up as tokens of hope. They aren’t. The vast federal administration that keeps us and major parts of the planet functioning has been running on autopilot for a year. Things keep working even as the fingers of ignorance, hatred, greed, and stupidity turn the system corrupt. The pattern is meaningless outrage and then more outrage with reality quickly denied, redefined as conspiracy, or simply turned into a bigger lie. Truth is quickly denounced, deflected or laughed at as if beneath consideration. And it is now, clearly, beneath consideration. Truth has no power to withstand the endless spin of nonsense by those who never understood it anyway. It gets in the way of money and power. The fingers probe for ways to turn support services to hatred and destruction. More and more people feel the cold draft of fear as services are denied for no reason other than greed and hatred.

History is not even mentioned.

History is not even mentioned. The cheapening of eduction to reduce the frightening debt that is constantly expanded by wars for resources and conquest that has no dollar limits, has allowed a big enough portion of the population to be convinced that it is all lies. The constant effort to eliminate any concern about slavery, ethnic cleansing, climate disaster, science as anything but an opinion held by those who are not to be trusted has succeeded. Seventy years of work to learn from Hitler’s and other’s mistakes has paid off. No, the Republican Party meetings didn’t include hidden copies of Mein Kampf. They didn’t have to as the real lessons weren’t there. It was the recognition of the mistakes that were made taught in the right media. Who knows, some must have found a thrill in reading the master racist. They have taken to white supremacy and Putin’s old KGB techniques with barely a stumble. Only a few of the oldest bother to deny it but, what can they do? Party power is all that matters.

Technology has brought the option of real democracy but can be easily distorted into complete control. Powerful tools are tools of both good and evil. We get the evil first while we are still amazed and unsure of the good. That is one lesson learned. Arm your followers and give them constant memes to identify targets. They will select their own martyrs to deliver fear, uncertainty, and confusion. Another lesson learned. Death is daily and nothing can be done because the tools of death are sacred. No white mass shooting crime is solved but only replaced by the next and the next. Two more lessons. That is our future becoming clearer by the day. It does not take a majority to destroy a weakened and corrupt representative government. They are weak by design for the protection of the people. It takes only patience and a singular desire for power.

Hitler and his cohort wanted European control for power and revenge. The American disease is greed that demands power to protect the lords of greed. In Germany decades of political fostered resentment at a brutally unfair treaty ending the First World War were used to build hate. The unfairness became an endless justification for revenge against all enemies. The American case was decades of resentment at the successful rise in status of the working people to a comfortable middle class. Those people are lazy and should work with no expectations above their level. And then the rise of the lowest races in the sixties demanding respect that was never justified. Decades of national racism and continuous denial of that history combined with economic success built on the impossible goal of endless growth and endless planetary exploitation. The carrot of materialist consumption make the greedy lords of the nation and allowed the creation of an angry white population denied their promised wealth because of the others now committed to destruction. Different origins but an identical goal of rule by a tiny elite with no obligations but endless personal greed.

The others can have no dream as only the select can dream but their dream is to deny all other’s dreams.

Fear, greed, anger, and hatred is what America was going to save the world from but that now is the official policy and goal. Ah, but isn’t it always the same in the world of a selfish elite? The others can have no dream as only the select can dream but their dream is to deny all other’s dreams. It worked in the past for generations. But they waited too long. There is only a rapid minority now to support that and that is not a workable society in a world of rapid change and exploding personal power. The new world is arriving and it has no place for the old resentments, old greed, and the permanent denial of dreams. Those who support the old authoritarianism are infected by an older age that is passing whatever the age of those subverted. That is very clear.

We are beginning to explore the new electronic world of direct democracy and decentralized power with administrative integration.

We are beginning to explore the new electronic world of direct democracy and decentralized power with efficient integrated administration. This is the stunning realization making its way, as usual, through the young who have grown up with the new reality. And their ideals are different from the past because they are much more communal in the face of planetary threat while being much more centered in their social groups. Services must be consistent and centralized but power must be distributed and managed by ideals. The rise of blockchain, represented by cryptocurrencies, fully distributed and completely transparent are the first and clearest disruption to the old link between secure records and political power centers. This is the new that completely bypasses the old threats, fears and disasters of right and left. But the old fears and hatreds are struggling to stay in control. We need to remove those quickly as we don’t have much time to change or we will be left behind to suffer in the hatred and ignorance that we have come to love.

Will the birth of the new be quick with minimum pain or long and bloody? It will be the latter only if we allow the infected minority to act on their disease. They are the only ones who want that but they have no control of themselves or of their greed. They show that everyday in everything they say. Look and you will see.

We must change now.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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