The control of Trump is an open question. It has been obvious from the start of this disaster that Trump is desperate to avoid upsetting Putin. The publicly available information also makes it nearly certain that Trump is financially controlled by the Russian mob. Putin and the Russian mob are effectively the same thing. We have no means to obtain proof of these things although everyone involved had acknowledged it ‘off the record’. That is the really scary part.

Put simply, the last hope for this country as it exists is Mueller and his willingness to bring the whole thing down in the interest of honesty and justice. That’s a huge expectation to put on an old government bureaucrat. It also means, and I’m certain he knows this, that the forces both domestic and foreign behind the Trump coup are very close to dropping the pretense and Mueller would be the first arrested or disappeared if he presents anything other than a hand slapping white wash.

The trouble is that the same thing can happen whatever Mueller does. Sadly we have no one in Congress who will do anything but grovel. And the “election” is already a farce. That will allow the Democrats and Republicans to save face by saying there is no mandate to act.

If writing in Medium and other alternative media are accurate the majority has really begun to understand that the jig is up and action must be taken. And the system is so broken that it will not work. Mueller can trigger the change, fail to trigger it, or be removed and the people of this country dared to do anything. Those are the options we are facing.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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