The Consequences of Presidential Insanity

Waffling, groveling, and avoiding what needs to be done

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ January 6, 2020

We have a problem. This is not a surprise. In fact this is exactly what mental health professionals have been warning would happen with Trump in 2017, November 2019, December 2019. In short, you do not put a person with known and worsening psychopathic characteristic in a position of great power. Trump is constantly threatened and wildly impulsive.

He has caused irreparable harm to the Kurdish allies of the US in Syria resulting in significant expansion of Russian control in Syria. This had to be reversed, as much as possible, to allow the continuation of the actions against ISIS caliphate. He has now assassinated the lead Iranian general for no apparent reason other than to distract from his impeachment.

This is a far larger problem and cannot be reversed. This is not a political issue. It is also unrelated to anything but the arbitrary impulsiveness of a mentally ill individual who is out of control. There are no justifications, moral, strategic, or tactical for allowing this action. In fact this is triggering extreme instability.

The US military has just announced its withdrawal from Iraq as requested by the Iraqi government. Whether this is a full withdrawal or an effort to buy time to see what craziness ensues is an open question. It is an indicator of the volatility that will build as Trump’s continued mental degradation prevents needed change.

It is already obvious that the US is completely paralyzed by this disaster. The nation is being abandoned by even its closest allies as impulsive insanity is not something that can be either used or supported without great risk specifically if the nation causing the problems is unable to even admit the problem.

And that reveals a far larger problem. Everything in America, as the heart of Western Civilization, is dominated by greed and political control. There is no larger issue or higher position from which to judge the appropriateness of this situation. There is only emulation and repetition of the same psychopathic attitudes as shown by Trump in creating this disaster.

The leadership of the US is trapped in a spiraling descent into chaos. Nothing can be admitted and all must be denied. There is no moral standard but only abject obeisance to the insane one while the opposition is caught in the political quicksand of failing to support a pointless call to war.

There is no functioning morality as evolutionary ethics have been denounced by archaic religionists acting as reactionary politicians. No existing political leaders are willing to take an ethical stand even in an international disaster caused by insanity.

We are not talking about obscure, academic points of ethical philosophy. We are talking about a mentally ill person in a powerful position who is no longer hesitant to order the death of other powerful people for his personal benefit. This is not the first time. That individual is being impeached for acting in exactly the same manner.

Mental health professionals have repeatedly said that this will only get worse as the person continues to lose control and become more violent. But no lead American politician dares admit this. Trump is now loudly claiming he will commit war crimes. I have no doubt that will happen unless he is stopped and removed.

This larger issue is the loss of ethical standards and the refusal to accept any responsibility for the consequences of bad action. Every member of the US Congress and all departments and agencies is responsible for the decisions allowed to be implemented by a man known to be mentally incapable of any empathy or compassion or even simple logic and thus bringing disaster on, at least, parts of this planet.

This needs to be corrected now.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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