The Arrests Begin

Blatant corruption and admission of guilt helps

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 2019

Is it time to arrest Rudy Giuliani, yet? The waiting must be killing him. Besides he doesn’t have anyone to have lunch with since his Russian and Ukrainian helpers are all in custody.

I don’t think Donny Trump is talking to him. Rudy had to remind Donny that he is still his attorney the other day. No one wants anything to do with Rudy and only the MAGA people want anything to do with Donny. But even those folks are slipping away.

It’s hard to put a positive spin on headlines such as these:

Bipartisan House Majority Condemns Trump for Syria Withdrawal — The New York Times

We thought it would never happen for reasons of terminal disease in the American heartland, but vultures are appearing in the air above the White House. Rudy is close enough to death that they may decide to knock him down and tear off some pieces as appetizers. Perhaps that is what is happening to his illicit flock of stooges.

Meanwhile Trump says, “Rudy?, I don’t know any Rudy. It’s fake news!” as the vultures chuckle to themselves. This stuff once worked for the orange buffoon but the magic seems to have finally worn off.

Having single handedly started a war between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria and then handed over all the US bases to Russia, saying, “It’s nothing to do with us” doesn’t work. No, Donny, there is a limit to pretending its not your fault. You can’t buy your way out at this level.

This is an ugly time. It is not very satisfying to watch the aging and mentally infirm being methodically run down and taken away even if they did it to themselves. But it is definitely sickening to see chaos unleashed just to curry favor with Putin.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on impeachment inquiry: “All roads seem to lead to Putin with the president”-Salon

Funny, I wonder why? Oh, yeah, that was investigated and made clear by Mueller but no one wanted to read it and Mueller did not have the heart to destroy his own party or go against his own Justice Department. Sadly there is now nothing left of that. What Mueller sacrificed himself to save is gone under the control of Trump and Trump’s shameless stooges.

There will be ten years of books and dissertations on the ignominious end to a generation of spineless politicians. What were these people thinking? Trump, his family, and his crowd wanted only money and power for themselves, but what did these other people want that was worth sacrificing their reputations for an incredibly corrupt and incompetent regime?

Trump’s stooges were, like his family, simply opportunistic criminals who were too weak and unwilling to either work hard enough to make it or face the risks of being real criminals. These people are small time grifters who were suckered by an opportunity to be seriously corrupt. Trump had long since learned to feed on these people, use them, cheat them, and throw them under the bus.

Their small time grifter guilt or bizarre religions made them Power corrupts them so easily that there is almost no resistance. But some find fulfillment in self destruction or simply abandon all ethics, morality, and thought as we see with William Barr.

The social insanity of power and greed has erupted before. Albert Speer in Nazi Germany is very nearly an exact model.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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